The information on the following table was taken from the Burgess Rolls (register of Electors for the year 1929 - 1930 (Hallam Division) Ref E29 Crookesmoor Ward, Moor Oaks Polling District, Sheffield p17. The first table shows the houses on the left hand side of the street going up from Crookesmoor Road. The second table shows the houses on the opposite side. It should be noted though that these electors were in the Harcourt Polling District of the Hallam Division (page 27)

No. SURNAME Occupant (1) Occupant (2) Occupant (3) Occupant (4)
5 TURNER Walter Sykes Lydia Heward    
7 POUND George William Langran Elsie DIMBERLINE Gladys  
9 GRAY Alice Kate    
11 WRAGG Winifred Clara Bertie  
13 SIDDALL Arthur Annie    
15 HAND Frances Gertrude Kate Eliza    
17 CRAPPER Reginald Dorothy Emily    
19 COPLEY Charles Bertha Bertha (jnr)  
21 HATTERSLEY Edgar Agnes Dorothy Ethel Mary  
23 SOUTHERN William Henry Louie    
31 OXLEY Mary POYSER Emily    
33 MILNER Edward Henrietta Henrietta Thomas (x2)
35 KENYON Clara WARD Florence Beatrice    
37 THOMAS John Henry Bingley      
39 WHELAN William Alice Victoria    


HOULDSWORTH Charles Frederick Frederick Noel Lily  




Occupant (1) Occupant (2) Occupant (3) Occupant (4)
8 BARBER Emma Emma    
28 LYN Robert William Isobel Frances Elizabeth Annie Mary
38 SMITH Frederick Winifred Fanny  
40 WARDLEY Winifred Clara    
44 ELLIS Beatrice McKay Elizabeth    
46 HUTCHINSON Oliver Edith    
48 BOURNE Sarah LISTER Emily Jane LISTER Ettie Marion  
50 TAYLOR George Elsie    
52 BEDSON Frank HIBBERT Jessie Adeline    
54 BARLOW Mary HARRISON Barbara MURRISH Harriet MURRISH Rhoda Mary
56 HARRISON Mary Ralph Violet  

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