The last information that I've got comes from a Kelly's Directory of 1972. Unlike the 1944 edition which lists the occupation, this latest edition merely lists the name of the householder and the number of the property.



5  Ryalls Geo. W
7  Crehan Mathew J (posted as Orelian) 
9  Williams Peter
11 Kaus Gwendoline
13 Siddall Arch 
15 Purcell James.
17 Hodson James. H
19 Appleby Arthur
21 O'Connell Sheila
Villa Frith Doris
23 Parkes Kenneth G
31 Wilson Frank*
33 Tingle Harold* (and Edna Tingle)
35 Hobson James.*
37 Wall Wilfred Scotney* (and Vera Wall) - Wilfred's occupation was a nickel silver caster
39 Shelley George*
41 Thornton John

8 Boddis Roger
28 Sampana Patrick G
38 Morrison Harold
40 Wheal Graham
44 Smith Eric
46 Marshall Ernest
48 Hill Keith
50 Belfitt William
52 Hill Thos. E
54 Bridgett Arthur
56 Brady Jas J

The interesting element to this schedule is the number of people who were living here twenty eight years earlier in 1944. George Ryalls (no 5) Mathew Crehan (no7) Arthur/Archibald Siddall (no13)  James Purcell (no 15) Arthur Appleby (no 19) Harold Tingle (no 33) James Hobson (no35) Harold Morrison (no38) Bill Belfitt (no50) Arthur Bridgett (no54). were all living in the same houses as they were in 1944. In total they account for 10 of the 28 property's on the road. In fact two of the residents I actually knew when I moved into the district eight years later - Harold Tingle (no 33) and Bill Belfitt (no50). 

Those entries marked with an asterisk were also living in the properties in 1958 as it was then that a new underlease was drawn up for the six houses numbered 31 - 41 Spring Hill. (In 1958 41 Spring Hill was occupied by a Charles Frederick Ernest Williams and a Alice Maud Williams). The information in italics is additional to that found in the Kelly's Directory. By 1976 Wilfred Wall had left 37 Spring Hill and the house was now occupied by a John Philip and Anthea Coe (until 1979)

There is an arial photograph of the Spring Hill area that was taken circa 1980

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