The information is extracted from The Electoral Rolls for the year 1954. Those households that are in italics were living in Spring Hill ten years earlier in 1944 



5 .  Ryalls George William and Anne A
7.   Crehan Matthew and Bridget, Edward Lemon 
9.   Darlow Gilbert L. and Winifred, David Y Jones
11. Wragg Bertie and Winifred C   
13. Sidall Arthur and Millicent Fenn 
15. Purcell James and Annie 
17. Noon Edward and Marguerite 
19. Appleby Arthur and Annie 
21. Molloy Richard and Ruth
23. Hubbard Mary A  
31. Macdonald John A and Jean M
33. Tingle Harold and Edna 
35. Hobson James and Ena
37. Thomas John H B and Ellen M 
39. Shelley George H and Sylvia
41. Waddingham Arthur, John P and Margaret 

8.   Eales Samuel and Mary M, Annie M Freeman, Charles Walker 
28. Elizabeth Fieldhouse and Alice Lee
38. Morrison Harold and Florence, Doreen Ackerman
40. Robinson Douglas and Marion, Agnes Brown
44. Hibbert Miss. Jessie
46. Morley Sidney and Nelly 
48. Hill Thomas E and Dorothy
50. Belfitt Bill and Alice, Martha Kay 
52. Barnes Arthur, Evelyn, Elsie and Ernest
54. Bridgett Arthur and Dorothy, Herbert and Mary E Wall,                                                                                                                             

56. Edwards Mrs. Elsie, Zoe M Walker, Maurice Walker, Hubert and Vera Townend .

Of the 27 dwellings in Spring Hill in 1954, 16 of them were occupied by the same family that had lived there ten years earlier - that is just under 60% of all the buildings in the road. 

In November 1907, a former resident of Spring Hill came across the site and contacted me. She lived there in the 1950's and kindly supplied me with a few photographs that showed the road as it was then. The main difference is that the pavements and kerbs are comprised of solid York flagstones - the pavements are now covered with sub-standard tarmac and lined with concrete kerbs. Both are subject to abuse by the city council and the private utilities. And of course there is not a car in site - during the week, the road is lined with cars as commuters park there to escape the excesses of Sheffield's abject transport network.

The final object of interest is in the background of the photograph. At the top of the road, are  some of the cottages that used to border Commonside. They were reputed to be some of the oldest houses in Sheffield but like so many things, they were demolished and replaced by lock-up garages.   

The second photograph shows one of the rear gardens to the properties on Spring Hill. Again the photograph was taken in the 1950's

Kelly's Directory (Sheffield and Rotherham) for Spring Hill 1972

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