The information is extracted from a Kelly's Directory for the year 1944. It merely lists the name of the householder, the number of the property and the householder's occupation if any


5.   Ryalls George William - Manager
7.   Crehan Matthew - Inland Revenue Officer 
9.   Houldsworth Charles - Manager 
11. Wragg Bertha - Secretary 
13. Sidall Arthur - Clerk 
15. Purcell Jas - Labourer 
17. Ward Mrs Catherine 
19. Appleby Arthur - Engineering Surveyor 
21. Allen Ernest Victor - Scissor Assembler 
23. Mrs. Hubbard 
31. Ball Frederick William - Mechanic 
33. Tingle Harold - Labourer 
35. Hobson Jas. - Saw-smith 
37. Thomas Mrs. Gertrude Harriet 
41. Waddington C. 

8.   Bowman Frank  
28. Lyn Richard William

38. Morrison Harold
40. Robinson Douglas - Tram Driver
44. Hibbert Miss. Jessie
46. Blanchard Richard - Labourer
48. Barnes Norman
50. Belfitt Bill - Garage Proprietor
52. Barnes Arthur - Bootmaker
54. Bridgett Arthur - Storeman
56. Edwards Mrs. Elsie 

To supplement the above, I accessed the Electoral Rolls for October 1945 which gives a fuller picture of people living in Spring Hill at the end of the Second World War

5.   Ryalls George William and Annie A
7.   Crehan Matthew, Edward Lemon, Catherine Clery, Helen J Brown, Agnes T Brown
9.   Houldsworth Charles & Lily 
11. Wragg Bertie & Winifred C  
13. Sidall Arthur & Millicent Fenn
15. Sharman Eileen, James Purcell & Annie Purcell,James Purcell Jnr  
17. Ward Charles & Catherine, Mary Ward 
19. Appleby Arthur & Annie 
21. Allen Ernest Victor & Leslie 
23. Hubbard Mary A & Doris L 
31. Ball Irene 
33. Tingle Harold & Edna 
35. Hobson James & Edna 
37. Thomas John H B & Gertrude Harriet, Ellen Thomas 
39. Dickinson Frank & Edith
41. Waddington Arthur 

8.   Bowman Frank, Isobel Robson  
28. Lyn Richard William, Isobel F, Annie M

40. Humphreys Beryl, Douglas & Maria Robinson, Constance O 
44. Hibbert Miss. Jessie A
46. Riley Lilian,  Richard & Evelyn Blanchard, Arthur & Dorothy Fearn
48. Morrison Harold & Florence, Molly E Barnes

50. Belfitt Bill & Alice, Martha Kay
52. Barnes Arthur & Elsie, Evelyn Barnes

54. Bridgett Arthur & Dorothy, Herbert & Mary E Wall

56. Edwards Mrs. Elsie, Zoe Walker, Vera Townend 

As a footnote I discovered the following details concerning Miss Isabel Lynn who lived at 28 Spring Hill in 1944. The Estate would have been worth over 400,000 in 2002

The Sheffield Telegraph Friday October 2nd 1953 page 7


For most of her life, Miss Isabel F. Lynn worked for St George's Church Sheffield - always behind the scenes

Yesterday her solicitors announced that the shy church worker who started at the Sunday School over 70 years ago had left 7,331 - all she had - to church funds.

Miss Lynn who lived at 28 Spring Hill died two months ago aged 87. She left 100 to the Church Missionary Society and all the rest to the income of the incumbent of the parish of St George with St Stephen.


This will be paid to the Sheffield Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance to be invested in trustee securities. If the money cannot be used for the incumbent of the parish it will go to the income of any stipendiary curates of the parish as the Bishop of Sheffield shall direct adds the will

Mr W. E. Dyson and life long friend said yesterday "Miss Lynn would never take a leading part in the work of the church but was always working for it in one way or another - teaching in Sunday School and visiting.

Birth registered in the June Quarter of 1864 Sheffield Volume 9C Page 327 - Isabel Francis Lynn   37 years old at the time of the 1901 Census living in Sheffield

1911 Census Record
Personal Information
Name Isabel Frances Lynn
Relationship to Head of Household Daughter
Condition Single
Gender Female
Age 47 Estimated Year of Birth 1864
Employed No
Working at Home No
Place of Birth Yorkshire Sheffield
Enumerator Information
Address 28 Spring Hill Sheffield Parish Ecclesall Town Sheffield
Type of Building Private House Number of Rooms Nine Inhabited Y
Reference RG14PN27737 RG78PN1588 RD509 SD2 ED17 SN151
Administrative County Yorkshire (West Riding) Registration District Ecclesall Bierlow Registration Sub District Ecclesall West Central Enumeration District 17

The LYNN family are buried in Crookes Cemetery

LYNN, Annie Mary (Spinster, age 81).
Died at 28 Spring Hill; Buried on December 28, 1946 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 5876, Section JJ of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield.

LYNN, Elizabeth (Spinster, age 70).
Died at 28 Spring Hill; Buried on May 2, 1939 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 5876, Section JJ of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield.

LYNN, Isabel Francis (Spinster, age 87).
Died at 27 Priory Road; Buried on August 11, 1953 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 5876, Section JJ of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield.

LYNN, Robert William (Retired, age 75).
Died at 28 Spring Hill; Buried on February 2, 1951 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 5876, Section JJ of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield.

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