The information is extracted from a Kelly's Directory for the year 1913. It merely lists the name of the householder, the number of the property and the householder's occupation if any


5.   Davidson Edward  - schoolteacher
7.   Earnshaw Wilfred - postman
                                                                                                                                                                                             9.   Gray Frank - schoolmaster 
11. Fearnehough Whitley - manager
13. Roadhouse Harry - cutler 
15. Hand Thomas - edge tool manufacturer Susannah Frances Hand
19. Yates Harold - ferrule manufacturer
21. Palmer Arthur Garland - commercial traveler
23. Andrews Joseph - clerk
31.  Poyser Emily (Mrs)
33.  Thomas Mrs Gertrude Harriet
35.  Bradley Amelia (Mrs)
37.  Aldrich Frederick
39. Thornhill Jessie (Mrs)

8.   Barber George - Leather manufacturer  
28. Lynn William 

38. Nell Emily (Mrs)
40. Johnson Herbert - grocer
44. Bramall Joseph Hudson - file manufacturer
46. Wilson Thomas George - silversmith
48. Widdowson Jas - metallurgist
50. Bond Walter - plumber
52. Hibbert Mary Ann (Mrs)
54. Outram George - probate clerk

The latest information I have of Spring Hill is taken from a Kelly's Directory for the Sheffield area dated 1972

The person who lived in our house, number 37 in 1913 was a FREDERICK GEORGE ALDRICH. I thought that Frederick would not be too difficult to trace but I found that his surname leant itself to numerous variation - Oldrich,Aldrick,Alderich to name a few. However I found out that Frederick was born in the Lambeth district of London circa. He married his wife Kate Sarah J. Hayward in the Islington district of London in the December quarter of 1877 (GRO ref Vol 1b Page 483). Soon after the marriage they must have moved to Sheffield for the 1881 Census has Frederick and Kate Sarah J. Living with her mother at 31 Netherthorpe Place, Sheffield. Her mother Mary Ann Hayward (50) was a widow whose occupation was given as Confectioner. Also living at the property was her two sons John T (30) and William (25) and youngest daughter Elizabeth (22). The HAYWARD FAMILY originated from March in Cambridgeshire  but at sometime circa 1857 they must have moved to London because Elizabeth was born in Romford, Essex.

FREDERICK's occupation is given as Builder's Foreman and his age 24, two years younger than his wife. The final person living at the property was their young son John William ALDRICH aged 2.

Twenty years later, in 1901, FREDERICK he is still living in Sheffield but his occupation is given as Brassfounder's Manager  

A photo taken of Spring Cottage (No 8 Spring Hill) - date unknown.

The presence of the gas lamp on the pavement outside would point to the date as being circa 1910 but that is pure guesswork 



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