"The modern world belongs to the half-educated, a rather difficult class, because they do not realize how little they know".  ~William R. Inge

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"Man is a history-making creature who can neither repeat his past nor leave it behind."
W. H. Auden

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"Most of us know very little about what goes on with workmen in the evening. We see them in their places during the day, we find them always ready to labour when they are called upon, and we set them down as men of temperate habits; inferring from their regularity that they are not guilty of excesses in their leisure hours. It is sometimes startling to find that we are entirely mistaken"

William Sargant - Birmingham Manufacturer (quoted in Leisure and Class in Victorian England 1830 - 1885 by Peter Bailey) 


1.Jessops Hospital for Women, Leavygreave Road, Sheffield
2.Thomas Jessop (1804 - 1887)
3.The Sheffield Round Walk  - 1986
4.Sheffield United v Derby County - 1st September 1897
5. The Death of Leonard Tingle (Sheffield) - Ascot July 1955
6.Ernest Dalton - The last man to be attacked by a tiger in Sheffield - December 1933
7.Sheffield Plane Crashes - World War 2 1939 - 1945
8.The Phoenix Theatre 1911 - 1960 Hillsborough, Sheffield - "clean and refined entertainment"
9.Death at The Owlerton Feast, Sheffield - 4th July 1854 - Joseph Crookes Saw Grinder
10.Murder at the Midland Station - September 1900 Sheffield "..a murder of a most brutal character was perpetrated in Sheffield"
11.A Despicable Case of Child Cruelty and Abuse - Ranmoor, Sheffield "..he was turned out into the snow and kept there all day without food"
12.The Tragic Death of the Baldwin Pony - Sheffield 1889  - "...it suffered great terror and pain while suspended 30ft. from the ground" 
13.George Ulyett (1851 - 1898) - "..was probably the best cricketer Sheffield ever produced"
14.John L. Sullivan (1858 - 1918) - "the hand that rocked the world" - Sheffield November 1887   
15.The Hendersons Were Not There (and neither was Mr Kite) - Sheffield 31st January 1848
16.George Herbert Lawrence died 13th December 1940 Sheffield
17.The East House Murders - Sheffield - New Years Day 1960
18. St Paul's Church - Sheffield (1720 - 1938) "The organ is by the celebrated builder Snetzler. It is one of his best productions.."
19.The Civilian War Dead of Pitsmoor 1939 - 1945
20.The Forum Cinema, Herries Road, Sheffield 1938 - 1969 "the largest cinema on any housing estate in Sheffield"
21.The Albert Pub, Division Street, Sheffield  - "the first pub I went in"
22.Sheffield Newspapers 1754 - 1978
23.The Great Lafayette and The Sheffield Midgets - May 1911 - "..he set out gaily with the prospect of a congenial life before him "
24 Sir Joseph Jonas (1845 - 1921) Lord Mayor of Sheffield - "Businessman or Traitor"
25.Robert Colver (1842 - 1916) of Jonas & Colver - Sheffield  
26.Rev. John Raper Sheffield 1914 - Intrigue with a Parishioner's Daughter - "(she) made what resistance she could. Familiarity occurred on a number of other occasions.."
27. Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin, (1821-1910) - "Sheffield's Grand Old Man - "(he) displayed very little sympathy with the later tendencies of trade unionism"

28.A Grave Affair in Sheffield 1862 - "the sexton had been in the habit of disinterring bodies and disposing of them for dissection"

29. The Horrifying Murder of Elizabeth Slater - Sheffield August 1852 - "there they found the body of the child.  Its head was lying several feet from its body."
30.Unemployed Riots - Sheffield 1922 - "(the police) drew their truncheons and charged the crowd"
31.Sheffield Collieries at Work - 1869
32.Thomas Turton (1806 - 1869) - Sheffield
33 The Attempted Murder of Ann Rushton - Sheffield 1865 - "her knees were literally roasted"
34.The Royal Hospital, West Street, Sheffield - "Neville Chamberlain was t' Outpatients "
35.The Salvation Army Riots - Sheffield 1882 - "..." a fight for the colours" ... the Salvation Army beat back the crowd and retained their banners"
36.The Suicide of a Sheffield Brewer - "on arriving at the brewery, his actions led everyone to believe that he was not in his right mind" 
37.City Road Cemetery - Sheffield -"pleasantly situated on an elevation,... it is intended to lay out the grounds with some pretensions to beauty"
38.Revolting Proceedings in a Sheffield Burial Ground April 1865 - "it is strange that so gross an outrage upon decency has not hitherto become more widely known"
39.Buying a wife for 5s - Sheffield 1887 - "(Hall) purchased another mans wife for 5s, the money being spent on drink at the public house where the bargain was made"....."Wife Sold for Gin Money" 
40.Death of a Sheffield Policeman - William Beardshaw, Sheffield July 1855  
41.Walkley Cemetery, Sheffield - July 1880  - Walkley Cemetery - The War Dead 
42."They're Orff" - The Crookes Moor Races c1713 - 1785 "A noble racecourse, formed of hill and dale...,"
43.Coles Corner - Sheffield - "is still remembered by many Sheffielders, of a certain age as the place to meet one's date.." 
44.The Walkley Bomb - March 1937 - "the bomb had been put out of the way under the kitchen copper by Miss Barlow"
45. Alfred Primrose and Elizabeth Thornhill - Sheffield 1838 "(he) laughed at her, and used some very unkind and undeserving expressions towards her"
46. A Knife Attack in Crookes - Sheffield "some severe measures should be adopted..."
47. The Tragic Life and Appalling Death of Arthur Coleman - Sheffield 1886 - "in a destitute state, stark naked, and totally alone in a dark room, ... they were then, for the second time, taken to the workhouse"
48. A Fatal Quarrel - The Death of Harvey Bell - Sheffield 1886 - "Are you going to murder me or what do you want?"
49. The Crosspool Tavern, Crosspool, Sheffield (1824 - )


"History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity."

Cicero, Pro Publio Sestio
Roman author, orator, & politician (106 BC - 43 BC)

"An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious - just dead wrong".  ~R. Baker


Article 29 The Horrifying Murder of Elizabeth Slater - Sheffield August 1852 - also includes a detailed account of the murder of Alexander Robison by James Barbour in the same year

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