A Knife Attack in Crookes - Sheffield

A local newspaper in Sheffield stated that a frenzied knife attack occurred last Sunday afternoon. A fishmonger from Sheffield called Pearson decided to walk from Sheffield City Centre to Crookes on account of the fact that there were no buses running that day. On the way there he called in at a public house that was run by a Mrs. Wragg. Whilst in the pub, he started up a conversation with an upholsterer called Adam Newton. After consuming a fair bit to drink a quarrel broke out between Pearson and Newton that eventually led to a fight. Newton was definitely to blame for the trouble and was thrown out of the pub, and told to clear off.

Newton did go but returned to the pub sometime later with an open bladed knife in hand  and stated that he was "going to stick Pearson". He then thrust the knife into Pearson several times. Other customers in the pub attempted to disarm him of the knife but in the ensuing chaos, Newton escaped and made his way back to Sheffield on foot via Western Bank.

And it was her that another tragedy occurred. At the same time as Newton was returning to Sheffield, a man called Barker was out walking with his girlfriend on Western Bank. Newton did not know the couple and in a totally unprovoked attack gave Barker a running push and stabbed in him in the side. Barker was not aware of his injury and started to argue with Newton. His girlfriend at the same time was attempting to drag her boyfriend away from Newton, and shouted at him to leave them alone.

It was then that Newton launched himself at Barker and inflicted several stab wounds on someone who was just minding their own business. The knife injuries were quite severe but fortunately for the injured Barker, two men who had been following Newton down from Crookes, saw the scuffle and came to his rescue. If they had not intervened it is quite likely that he would have been murdered. The two men also managed to get the attention of two policemen that were in the vicinity, and jointly they managed to subdue Newton before he could stab anyone else. He was taken away to the police cells.

The clothes Barker was wearing at the time of the assault - coat, waistcoat, trousers and shirt were examined forensically and were found to have been cut in ten different places. The shirt was covered in the victims blood. Later investigations by the police revealed that Newton had only been in Sheffield for three weeks and he was originally from Birmingham.

The paper ended the article by demanding that "severe  measures" must be adopted by the authorities to ensure that this type of crime is prevented in future. I should add that this incident received no coverage at all on both local and national TV and radio which is not really surprising in this day and age

This type of newspaper article is all too commonplace at the moment - the number of unprovoked and vicious knife attacks especially amongst young people is growing year on year. And the fatalities arising from these attacks are increasing as well - Barker was very lucky to have survived the assault. This case is slightly more unusual in that Newton did not go out "tooled up" but actually went out and collected his weapon which in some respects is even more un-nerving as it shows a dangerous degree of premeditation. The report also makes very little mention of the part alcohol played in these incidents. Clearly Newton was under the influence of drink when his assault on Pearson took place, and this will undoubtedly lead to yet more calls for controls on the sale and consumption of alcohol especially amongst younger people.

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The local newspaper was The Sheffield Iris and the report appeared in The Times dated 30th March 1837 - 180 YEARS AGO. Nothing ever changes?




The Times dated 30th March 1837

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