"We are ceasing to regard smoke and filth as necessary evils and are striving after remedies. Perhaps our children will once again see roses blooming in Attercliffe and trout on the rise near Lady's Bridge".                                                       J.D.Leader (1891)                                               

The following photograph shows an aerial view of Sheffield City Centre that was taken in 1948. At the bottom of the photograph is the LMS railway station whereas the Sheffield United Football and Cricket Ground is on the left of the photo half way up. The road to the top of the ground is Bramall Lane and the road on the other side of the ground is Shoreham Street. Further along Bramall Lane towards the city centre is the church and grounds of St Mary's 

There is another aerial photograph of Sheffield although this was taken forty five years later and from a different perspective. The photograph is dominated by Sheffield United's football ground at Bramall Lane. The church located behind the stadium is St Mary's Church  on St Mary's Gate


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