WILLIAM (1850 - 1907) and ANNIE SANBY(1850 - 1906)  

The 1881 Census gave the following details of William and Annie's family which are listed below. WILLIAM first appears in the 1851 Census for Sheffield as a nine month old boy, the first son of HENRY and AGNES SANBY. (Ref Sheffield Volume 2340 Folio 117B). The Census took place on March 30th 1851 and so William was born circa June 1850 

Dwelling: 55 Roundell Street Census Place: Attercliffe Cum Darnall, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342128 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4667 Folio 98 Page 64

WILLIAM B SANBY Married 30 Head Edge Tool Forger

Sheffield, York, England

ANNIE SANBY Married 31 Wife   Sheffield, York, England
ANNIE E SANBY Female 8 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
EMILY SANBY Female 7 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
ADA SANBY Female 3 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
HENRY W SANBY Male 7m Son   Sheffield, York, England
ENY PATRICK Widower 56 Father Blacksmith Ireland
ENY MARTIN Brother 30 Brother Blacksmith Ireland


  1. William B. SANBY is William Henry SANBY  (transcription error on Census)

  2. His wife Annie SANBY's maiden name is MACKEVOY - William and Annie married September quarter of 1871 - GRO Sheffield Ref Vol9C Page 634

  3. ANNIE ELIZA  SANBY GRO Ref: 9C 370 - born Sheffield June Quarter 1872). ANNIE ELIZA  SANBY married GRO Sheffield December quarter 1890 Vol. 9C Page851)  

  4. EMILY  SANBY  birth was registered in the September quarter of 1873 GRO Sheffield Vol 9C Page 369. EMILY  SANBY married GRO June qtr 1892 Volume 9C Page 369. The husband's name was Alick Hurbert HOLYOAK who was born in Pertenhall, Bedfordshire, England, the son of an agricultural labourer

  5. ADA SANBY birth was registered in the June quarter of 1878 (Ecclesall Bierlow Vol 9C Page 338). She may have married in the September quarter 1900 (GRO ref Sheffield Vol. 9C Page 809) but I will need to check this before I can be certain

I also believe that there was another daughter BEATRICE SANBY who was born in 1876 but died four years later. There is an entry in St Michaels RC Cemetery burial register for a
SANBY, BEATRICE (buried St Patrick's section, age 4yr).
Died at PINFOLD LANE; Buried on July 6, 1880 in Roman Catholic ground;
Grave Number 34, Section GA of St Michaels RC Cemetery, Rivelin.

As far as I was aware the SANBY's were very much Church of England and so a Catholic burial was rather a  surprise. However in July 2008 I was contacted by a descendent of WILLIAM and ANNIE who did confirm that the family were Catholics and attended St Maries in Sheffield. I think that this must have stemmed from WILLIAM's wife ANNIE's side of the family. Her father PATRICK was a blacksmith from Ireland and so I assume that this is where the Catholicism emanated from.  

1891 CENSUS  Dwelling: 115 No 33 Droppingwells,Kimberworth,Rotherham
Census Place: Kimberworth,Rotherham, York, England
  PRO Ref RG12 Piece 3851


WILLIAM H SANBY Married 40 Head Edge Tool Forger

Sheffield, York, England

ANNIE SANBY Married 40 Wife   Sheffield, York, England
EMILY SANBY Female 17 Daughter Packer Sheffield, York, England
ADA SANBY Female 12 Daughter Scholar Sheffield, York, England
WILLIAM H SANBY Male 10 Son Scholar Sheffield, York, England

This confirms that ANNIE ELIZA had left the family home to get married (note 4)                                                                          


Dwelling: 3c 1h Bardwell Road

Census Place: Wincobank, Sheffieldl, York, England Source: PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4332 Folio 147 Page 44 Schedule Number 269

WILLIAM B SANBY Married 50 Head Edge Tool Forger

Sheffield, York, England

ANNIE SANBY Married 51 Wife   Sheffield, York, England
WILLIAM H SANBY Single 20 Son General Labourer Sheffield, York, England
ELSIE SANBY Single 8 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
ALBERT GRIFFITHS Single 30 Boarder General Labourer Stafford, NK, England
SARAH A NORMAN   16 Servant   Hoyland, York, England

Twenty years later WILLIAM and ANNIE were still living in Sheffield albeit at a different address with William still working as an Edge Tool Forger. Living with them was a WILLIAM SANBY aged 20. This is undoubtedly the HENRY W SANBY who was aged seven months in 1881. (He was WILLIAM H SANBY in the 1891 Census) He just changed his first and second names around. The three daughters mentioned in the 1881 Census are no longer living with their parents but there is another daughter ELSIE SANBY (Female was registered in Rotherham  December quarter 1892 GRO Ref: 9C 72_ ). A year earlier the family were living in the Kimberworth area of Rotherham. (1891 Census)  The fact that there was a boarder living with the family is not that surprising but the presence of a servant is. Given that the family are living in poor working class accommodation in the industrial east end of Sheffield and taking in lodgers the employment of a servant seems unlikely unless one or more of the family were severely incapacitated and required care. The other option and by far the more likely is that the Census transcriber placed the term "servant" in the relationship column instead of the occupation column. Sarah Norman was far more likely to be a "live-out servant". for some richer family.

This was confirmed in July 2008 when I was informed by a descendent of the family that his grandmother

"also remembers Sarah Norman and said that she was a servant, but worked at the Fox and Grapes pub as such. The family did take in lodgers, that is how her mum Emily (SANBY) met her husband Alick (HOLYOAKE)"

The final record I have of WILLIAM SANBY is from the Kelly's Directory for Sheffield and Rotherham that was compiled in 1904. There is an entry for a "William Henry Sanby - Fried fish dealer - 11 Bardwell Road, Wincobank." And so soon after the 1901 Census, William moved into a totally different occupation. He was still a Fried fish dealer when he died in the September quarter of 1907 age 57. (GRO ref Sheffield Vol 9C Page 321). His wife ANNIE predeceased him, dying in the December quarter of 1906 age 56. (GRO ref Sheffield Vol 9C Page 359).

After WILLIAM died the business looks as though it was run by his daughter EMILY

"Emily Sanby had a fried fish shop on Bardwell Rd, Ada Sanby her sister had a news shop 2 doors up".

William and Annie's eldest son WILLIAM SANBY (HENRY W SANBY) married in the December quarter of 1911, a Mary STANYARD (Marriages December 1911 Sanby, William H Sheffield Volume 9c Page 1096). Prior to that William can be found living at the house of his future father in law JOHN STANYARD - the 1911 census contains the following information

Name William Henry Sanby
Relationship to Head of Household Visitor
Condition Single
Gender Male
Age 30 Estimated Year of Birth 1881
Occupation Painter
Employed Yes Working at Home No
Industry House Decorator
Place of Birth Sheffield Yorkshire Nationality British
Enumerator Information
Address 145 Wentworth St Sheffield Parish Ecclesall Town Sheffield
Type of Building Private House Number of Rooms 3 Rooms Inhabited Y
Reference RG14PN27727 RG78PN1588 RD509 SD2 ED7 SN190 Administrative County Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District Ecclesall Bierlow Registration Sub District Ecclesall West Central Enumeration District 7 

The FREEBMD index states that the couple had the following children

1. JACK SANBY - Births Mar 1912 quarter. Sheffield Volume 9c Page 1161

2. EMILY SANBY - Births Mar 1914 quarter Sheffield Volume 9c Page 1088    

3. WILLIAM SANBY - Births June qtr of 1916 Sheffield Volume 9c page 1052

3. FRANK SANBY - Births Mar 1920 quarter Ecclesall Bierlow. Volume 9c Page908

I have a strong suspicion that MARY SANBY (nee STANYARD) may have died giving birth to FRANK. MARY was born in the December quarter of 1884 (GRO Ref Ecclesall Bierlow. Volume9c Page349). There is an entry in FREEBMD that is as follows

Deaths March 1920 SANBY Mary 35 Ecclesall Bierlow. Volume9c Page 460    

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