MARY ANN SANBY (1826 - )

The 1841 census index gave the following information. 

Sanby Mary 14 1334 1 11B

 But on the 1851 Census index for Sheffield there was no mention of a MARY SANBY. It was then that I had a piece of luck. In November 20011, I contacted a local Family History researcher called Carl Raymond Colley. Ray was researching his COLLEY ancestors and had found that his great great great grandfather (x3) JAMES COLLEY had married a MARY ANN  SANBY. Being a "Sheffield" SANBY I thought I could make a connection but at the time I did not possess the relevant information to enable me to do this. However after obtaining the information from the 1841 Census Index I have now made the connection.

Mary Ann SANBY was born in  1826 and was my great great grandfather HENRY SANBY's elder sister. She married at the age of 20, a JAMES COLLEY, also aged 20, on 22nd February 1846 in Sheffield. (Sheffield March 1846 quarter GRO Ref Vol 22 Page 467) Mary Ann's father is listed as JOSEPH SANBY, an edge tool maker from the Shalesmoor, district of Sheffield. JAMES and MARY had the five children in total

The 1851 Census Index for Sheffield gives the following information

COLLEY JAMES 25 2340 119B
COLLEY Mary 24 2340 119B
COLLEY William 5 2340 119B
COLLEY Charles 3 2340 119B
COLLEY Mary Jane 11mnth 2340 119B

After 1851 they had another two children

James and Mary Anne's three youngest children died within three years of each other and are buried in St Mary's Church, St Mary's Gate, Sheffield. Mary Jane was three years old and John and Ann Eliza one  year old. The death of three children occurred whilst the family were living in 91 Brown Street, Sheffield. This is of some significance as Brown Street is the address that is given on Mary Anne's brothers HENRY's marriage certificate in 1849 and where her mother and father are listed as living in the 1851 Census. The whole family seem to be living in close proximity to one another. 

The next reference to the family that I have been able to obtain is from the 1871 Census which reveals that they were now living at the village of  Stannington, in the parish of Bradfield (near Sheffield).  The head of the household is given as WILLIAM but living with him was his wife, two daughters, one son, a brother Charles and his mother and father JAMES and MARY ANN

      City: Bradfield Parish: Stannington  Other location: 155 Woodland View
      Names Age Relation to head Birthplace Occupation
      William Colley 24 Head Sheffield Edge Tool Grinder
      Eliza Colley 23 Wife Birmingham  
      Mary Jane Colley 3 Daughter Sheffield*  
      Louisa Colley 2 Daughter Sheffield  
      Charles Colley 1 Son Stannington  
      James Colley 45 Father Sheffield Edge Tool Grinder
      Mary Ann Colley 44 Mother Sheffield  
      Charles Colley 22 Brother Sheffield Edge Tool Grinder

*Mary Jane is the same name as his deceased sister who died 18 years earlier. According to the GRO Indexes, his daughter fared little better for her death is registered in the June quarter of  1873 age 5.

Incidentally the
marriage of WILLIAM COLLEY to  ELIZA (nee Ratcliff, the daughter of John Ratcliff) took place, at Christ Church Pitsmoor, Sheffield on 24 February 1867.   Their other son CHARLES COLLEY also married a girl from Birmingham, EMMA RICHARDSON, on Christmas Day 1873 in the same church as his brother six years earlier. (see footnote 1). Charles' wife EMMA was already living and working as a servant on St Philips Road in 1871.

JAMES and MARY ANN did move back into the city at sometime during the 1870's as there is a record of his JAMES' death in the Registers (GRO Ref Sheffield volume 9c page303) for the March quarter of 1879 . In fact, JAMES died on 20th March 1879 at 55 St Stephens Road, Sheffield. He was 53 years of age and his occupation is still given as Edge Tool Grinder. The cause of death is given as Hemiplegia, which James suffered from for two years and for the last three months of his life there was complete paralysis according to the doctor that certified his death. . Hemiplegia, incidentally damage to the brain and the most frequent cause is a stroke (when a bleed or blood clot damages part of the brain), but the condition can also result from an accident or infection. His wife Mary Anne was present at her husband's death  

Two years later there is a record of the widowed MARY ANN COLLEY in the 1881 Census. She is living alone as a 54 year old Provision Shop Keeper at the following address 73 & 75 St Stephens Rd, (Census Place: Sheffield, York, England, PRO Ref  RG11 Piece / Folio 4648 / 65 Page Number 63). 

However less than two years later on 4th January 1883, Mary Ann remarried a 50 year old widower SAMUEL MURFIT, at St Silas's Church in the Broomhall district of Sheffield. (GRO Ref Ecclesall Bierlow Vol 9cPage 366) .The church was closed in December 2000. SAMUELS' address is given as Broomhall Street, Sheffield whilst Mary Anne's address on the certificate is given as Victoria Street, Sheffield. Rather more peculiar is Samuel's occupation - farmer !

Samuel died at the age of 54 in the March quarter of 1887 in Dudley in the West Midlands (GRO Ref Dudley Volume 6cPage 34). 

Footnote 1

Charles shares the same Christian name as James' father CHARLES COLLEY. Charles was born in 1797 and married a lady called JANE (surname not known) circa 1823. Jane was about 29 at the time of the marriage having been born in 1794. Employed as a edge tool grinder the family lived at Castle Green, Sheffield and had three known children

Two years after Sarah's death in 1831, his wife JANE died and was buried in The Parish Church in Sheffield

CHARLES remarried again six years after Jane's death in 1837, his bride being a widow herself ELIZABETH PEMBERTON (formerly MARKHAM). The known children from his second marriage are  Henry (1839-1840) Harriet (1843-1846) Sarah Ann (b.1844) Joseph (1847 - 1847) Edward (1849-1852). The family lived in Bower Street, Sheffield.


Much of the information on the COLLEY FAMILY was obtained by my fourth cousin once removed Allan Colley. (Our common ancestor is JOSEPH SANBY (1806 - 1876). It was through Allan's efforts that I have been able to confirm the links with my own SANBY ancestors  

The Sanby Family in Sheffield 1871 

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