Letter regarding another branch of the SANBY FAMILY

Notes on the Sanby Family

Twenty years ago in 1981 my grandmother Rose Hobbs (nee Sanby) received the following letter from a Mr. Sean Gubbins who was making enquiries about his own grandmother Helen Sanby. My grandmother Rose looked at the the hand written family tree that Sean had provided but could not see any connection with the names listed on the document

107 St Georges Road

London SE1

Dear Sir/Madam

 Please excuse me writing to you straight out of the blue, but I would be grateful if you could help me in my enquiries I am making about the Sanby family

 I am inquiring on behalf of my ninety one year old grandmother. She was born HELEN SANBY. Although her father was one of seven sons, my grandmother knows of no other Sanby’s surviving in Britain 

Looking through the telephone directories I see there are about thirty people listed under the name of Sanby. What I am wondering is whether your family and my grandmothers are connected. My Grandmother believed her Sanby ancestors came from Spalding in Lincolnshire. All I know about her family is set out in the attached sheet. I would appreciate any information you might know about your family and from where they came. 

Yours faithfully 

          SEAN GUBBINS

I have transcribed the file that Sean provided and posted it to the site.  I have not yet established a connection between the SANBY's highlighted by Sean and my branch of the Sanby Family but I'm sure that one exists. The latest research I have done seems to point to the fact that the link may stretch back to the mid eighteenth century in South Lincolnshire.

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