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The only other reference to a HENRY SANBY  earlier than 1871 is the Sheffield Directory of 1861 which lists a HENRY SANBY living at 12 Hoyle Street Sheffield. 

HENRY AND AGNES SANBY are my great great grandparents and one of their sons EDWIN is my great grandfather. As well as three other brothers, he had a twin brother FREDERICK. At the time of the 1871census the family were living at  

Dwelling: No 1 Cobden View Terrace Census Place: Nether Hallam, York, England Source: PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4671 Folio 141B

HENRY SANBY Married 41 Head Edge Tool Forger

Sheffield, York, England

AGNES SANBY Married 40 Wife   Sheffield, York, England
WILLIAM HENRY SANBY Male 20 Son Edge Tool Forger Sheffield, York, England
JOSEPH SANBY Male 17 Son Edge Tool Striker Sheffield, York, England
EDWIN SANBY Male 14 Son   Sheffield, York, England
FREDRICK SANBY Male 14 Son    Sheffield, York, England
GEORGE SANBY Male 7 Son    Sheffield, York, England
ANN ELIZA SANBY Female 11 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
MARY ANN SANBY Female 9 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
AGNES SANBY Female 4 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England
JANE SANBY Female 1 Daughter   Sheffield, York, England

There is a record of HENRY and AGNES SANBY's marriage at The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul (now Sheffield Cathedral). They were married in the September quarter of 1849 (Sheffield GRO Ref Vol 22 Page 497). The record shows that AGNES's maiden name was JONES. The marriage certificate shows that Agnes was the daughter of WILLIAM JONES, a plasterer of Marsden Lane, Sheffield. She was nineteen when she married. HENRY was a year older than Agnes and his occupation is given as Edge Tool Maker. the is the same occupation as his father JOSEPH SANBY. The address is given as Brown Street, Sheffield. 

JOSEPH SANBY and WILLIAM JONES are my great great great grandfathers.

Nearly two years after the marriage, the 1851 Census (entry 147)  records that Henry (age21) and Agnes (age 20) were living at 59 Arundel Lane, Sheffield. Sharing the house was their first child William Henry age 9 months. His occupation is listed as Edge Tool Maker.

After their marriage on 5th August 1849, Henry and Agnes remained together for 35 years until Agnes died at the age of 54 in the December quarter of 1884  (Sheffield GRO Ref Vol 9c Page 207).  


MARY ANN SANBY's birth was registered in the September Quarter of 1861 (GRO Ref Vol 9C - Page313)

GEORGE SANBY's birth was registered in the June Quarter of 1864 (GRO Ref Vol 9C - Page 339)


The 1881 Census has the couple living with their five sons William, Arthur, Theophilus, Charles and George at 247 St Philips Road, Sheffield (PRO ref RG11 Piece Folio 4645/81 Page No. 15) The head of the household JOHN was employed as a Bone Scale Cutter, a trade that was also pursued by Arthur and Theophilus. By the time of the 1901 Census (RG13/4341Ecclesall Bierlow Folio 13 Page 18 No 111) THEOPHILUS and ANN ELIZA had three children

George Horace ( born March quarter 1885 Ecclesall Bierlow Vol 9C Page415)

Eliza Annie (born June 1888 quarter Sheffield Vol 9C Page 418)

Laura Alice (born March quarter 1888 Sheffield Vol 9C Page415). The family were living in the St Phillips district of Sheffield.

GEORGE BLAND Married 32 Head Steel Melter

Sheffield, York, England

AGNES BLAND Married 34 Wife   Sheffield, York, England
AGNES BLAND   10 daughter   Sheffield, York, England
FLORENCE BLAND   6 daughter   Sheffield, York, England
MAY BLAND   3 daughter   Sheffield, York, England

There was a fourth daughter EVELINE BLAND. She was only 3 months old when she died. She was buried in St Mary's Cemetery Walkley Sheffield on 17th April 1900.The place of death is given as 27 Neepsend Lane, Neepsend, Sheffield. The grave reference is C545. Incidentally GEORGE's father and EVELINE's grandfather is also buried in  St Mary's Cemetery. HENRY BLAND age 61 of 139 Howard Road Walkley Sheffield died at the age of 61 and was buried on 27th January 1902 (PRO Ref Bland Henry 61 Ecclesall Bierlow. Vol 9c Page 215 March 1902 quarter) 

 The Sanby Family in Sheffield 1881 

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