There is a record of my great great grandparents HENRY and AGNES SANBY's marriage on 5th August 1849 at The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul (now Sheffield Cathedral). (Sheffield September 1849 GRO Ref Vol 22 Page 497). The marriage certificate shows that Agnes was the daughter of WILLIAM JONES, a plasterer of Marsden Lane, Sheffield. She was nineteen when she married. HENRY was a year older than Agnes and his occupation is given as Edge Tool Maker - this is the same occupation as his father JOSEPH SANBY. The address is given as Brown Street, Sheffield. 

JOSEPH SANBY and WILLIAM JONES are my great great great grandfathers.

Once I had this information, which is incidentally verified by subsequent censuses, I referred to the 1841 Census Index for the Sheffield area and the surname SANBY. (See notes below)

Sanby Hannah 30 1334 1 11B
Sanby Mary 14 1334 1 11B
Sanby Henry 12 1334 1 11B
Sanby William 7 1334 1 11B
Sanby Frederick 4 1334 1 11B
Sanby George 2 1334 1 11B
Sanby Elizabeth 10m 1334 1 12F
Sanby Joseph 65 1334 1 13F
Sanby Jane 65 1334 1 13F
Sanby Alfred 11 1334 1 13F
Sanby Joseph 35 1334 36 48B

 The 1851 Census index for Sheffield added the following information

Sanby Agnes 20 Sheffield 2340 117B
Sanby Caroline 8 Sheffield 2340 126F
Sanby Edwin 5 Sheffield 2340 126B
Sanby Elizabeth 10 Sheffield 2340 126F
Sanby George 12 Sheffield 2340 126F
Sanby Hannah 45 Sheffield 2340 126F
Sanby Hannah 6 Sheffield 2340 126F
Sanby Henry 21 Sheffield 2340 117B
Sanby Joseph 45 Sheffield 2340 126F
Sanby Joseph 79 Olbridge, Lincs 2340 126B
Sanby William Henry 9m Sheffield 2340 117B

There is no doubt in my mind that the JOSEPH SANBY who was 35 years of age in 1841 and 45 ten years later is the same person who was christened in The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul (now Sheffield Cathedral) on 6th April 1806 (Source Information IGI Batch No C150521 Dates 1805 - 1808 Source Call No 0919327). The date of birth is given as 17th March 1806 but more importantly it gives his parents as JOSEPH SANBY and JANE. 

Apart from JOSEPH, the three other children I know of are

The christenings took place in The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul (now Sheffield Cathedral). They are my great great great grandfathers younger brother and sisters. 

Incidentally JOSEPH and JANE were married on 23rd January 1803 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, England. (Source Information IGI Batch No M059392 Dates 1626-1812 Source Call No 0503791). Jane's maiden name was SLIGHT. The Parish Church is named St Edmund, King and Martyr. 

The information in the 1841 - 1851 Census is pivotal is tracing the origins of my SANBY ancestors. The two Census gives a clear indication that Joseph SANBY, (1806- 1876) married a woman called HANNAH (ANN), and that they had the following children Mary (1826), Henry (1829), William (1834), Frederick (1837), George (1839), Elizabeth (1840) prior to 1841. After that they had Caroline (1843), Hannah (1844) and Edwin (1846). They may also have had others whose names are sadly not recorded.

Frederick and William's baptisms are recorded. Sheffield Parish Church is now Sheffield Cathedral

    Sanby, Frederick (of Sheffield, born 1836-11-26).
     Baptised January 1, 1837, by J. Gibson at Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield.
     Parents name(s) are Ann & Joseph (Edge Tool Maker).    

    Sanby, William (of Sheffield, born 1834-06-25).
     Baptised January 1, 1837, by J. Gibson at Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield.
     Parents name(s) are Ann & Joseph (Edge Tool Maker).

The sad part that was common in many Victorian working class families was the high mortality rates for children. There are records to show that Henry's two younger brothers both died within two years of each other  - WILLIAM died in the December quarter of 1843 (GRO Ref Sheffield Volume 22 Page 346) and FREDERICK two years later in the December quarter of 1845 (GRO Ref Sheffield Volume 22 Page 427). Henry was to name two of his sons after his brothers who did not even reach ten years of age.

The other death that I have found is for JANE SANBY (nee SLIGHT) whose death is recorded in the March quarter of 1847 (GRO ref Vol 22 Page 537). She was their grandmother and the wife of JOSEPH.

The other births I have found to date are for three of my great great grandfather Henry's younger sisters

and his two younger brothers

4. GEORGE SANBY - - born in the December quarter of 1838 (GRO ref Sheffield Vol 22 Page 528)

5. EDWIN SANBY - born in the June quarter of 1846 (GRO ref Sheffield Vol 22 Page 665)

The next task is to trace JOSEPH's origins in Lincolnshire. As far as I can ascertain the place of Olbridge does not exist in Lincolnshire. As I mentioned in the footnotes, the vast majority of people living in England in the 1840's were illiterate, so the census enumerator wrote down what he heard, or thought he heard. This leads to many variations in spelling of names. Olbridge seems like a phonetic spelling for the town of Holbeach in Lincolnshire. If the age of Joseph in the 1851 is correct - 79, this would give him a date of birth circa 1772 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire. However if the age in the 1841 Census is correct - 65. this would give him a date of birth circa 1776. If the latter proves to be the case (and proving it will be nigh on impossible), there is a possibility that JOSEPH's christening is recorded in the Parish Registers at the parish church in Holbeach. On 22nd November 1776, JOSEPH SANDBY was christened in the church. He was the son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH SANDBY. It is only pure speculation at the moment. A more certain piece of information is that in the December quarter of 1853. Joseph Sanby died (GRO ref Sheffield Volume 9c Page 156). This would have made him 81 at the time of death.

The only other information on JOSEPH SANBY is from White's 1857 Directory for Derbyshire which lists a Joseph Sanby living at 42 Little Sheffield and trading as a greengrocer. The 1849 certificate gives JOSEPH the occupation of Edge Tool Maker but he is the only JOSEPH SANBY listed in the 1851 Census of working age in Sheffield. (his father is 79).

Before I can be certain though I will need to check the 1861 Census for Sheffield. Little Sheffield is the area that ran from about Pomona Street off Ecclesall Rd and over Cemetery Rd almost to Sharrow Lane, down to St Mary's Church on Bramall Lane, up Abbeydale Rd again to almost as far as Sharrow Lane. However, the area below Havelock Sq and as far as Eyre St seems to be included in the description on occasions.

The Sanby Family in Sheffield 1871 

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Note on 1841 Census 

The 1841 census was the first census of the country in which the names of individuals were officially recorded and retained, and so is the first general census of use to genealogists and family historians. Nevertheless, the information is very limited compared to that in later censuses. The major differences from the censuses which followed are:

The columns shown on the enumeration schedules for this census are:

In addition to those limitations, the quality of the records is often poor, for a variety of reasons:

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