Some of the earliest photographs of the author. The one on the left shows me in my Silver Cross perambulator and I'm obviously happy with the world. The same can be said of the one on the right as my Dad gives me my first driving lessons.

Although I was born in November 1953 I only found out recently that I was named after one of my mothers Uncles. Her aunt Mary Ann ("Toll") Hemsworth married a man called Christopher Beveridge, and at the time I was born they lived in Kirkcaldy Fife. A letter sent to my parents soon after I was born is shown below




The above is one of the few photographs I have with my dad and his parents Clem and Rose

The penultimate one in this section is one of my favourites. It was taken on the front porch of our house at 16 Old Park Avenue and the date was Sunday 6th March 1955 in the morning. My mum and dad had only been in the house two months. Prior to January 1955 they lived at Thorpe House Rise Sheffield.


The final photograph was taken on 7th July 1965 and was one of the last that was taken at Old Park Avenue. I was aged eleven at the time and had just passed the eleven plus examination. ( I think this was the reason for the collar and tie) My brother Stephen who is next to me was nine years old at the time and still at Greenhill Primary School. He was incidentally born in this house. My mum on the right was 35 years old and is holding my baby sister Jennifer who was born on 12th February 1963 at the Norton Annexe Sheffield.

We moved from Old Park Avenue on 17th March 1967 to Bradway Road a distance of about a mile. We had lived at Old Park Avenue for 12 years

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