In July 2011 I received a mail from a descendent of the Bright family who lives in the USA. We had previously corresponded six months earlier when she sent the following mail

"To say the least, I am overwhelmed by the dedication and detail you have compiled in your family history forum. All I can say is "AMAZING!!!" Your website has been so helpful and informative, I can not thank you enough.
My name is ............. I am the 3rd great granddaughter of Maurice Delara Bright and Harriet Ann Turton. To validate, the lineage flows as follows, Maurice and Harriet's daughter Harriet Ada Bright married James Budden in 1873, St George's, Hanover Square, London.
Harriet and James had a daughter, Marie Ada Budden
Marie Ada Budden married (2nd marriage) James Edward Piggott in 1910
Marie and James had a daughter, Joan Marie Piggott
Joan Marie Piggott married Eric Orchard in 1934
Joan and Eric had a daughter, Janet Marie Orchard
Janet Marie Orchard married (2nd marriage) Gerald Sonneson in 1964 Janet and Gerry are my parents.
Not to bore you, but I felt I needed to substantiate myself. My sister and I are planning a trip to London and Sheffield this May specifically to study our history and see the sites of our family history...

Well the writer did come to the UK and sent me the following mail

"Just thought I would send some pictures from my family trip to Sheffield. We had the most wonderful time! We visited Rodmoor and  Moscar. We also visited the remains of Sharrow Head House and the new resting place for Horatio, Alice and Sam. I have additional pictures if you would like to see them or possible add them to your site.
Rod Moor was absolutely brilliant. All headstones were overgrown and covered, almost undetectable.....except for Selim's and Estella's. Of course we did the proper thing and cleared the 5 tombstones we found on the site. In addition, My cousin Cymone DeLara Bond found a document from local city registries that stated there are in fact several other Bright Family members that lay at rest at Rod Moor. I will forward the document that details the additional family members as soon as I find it....again.
As I am sure you know, the chief investigator for the 1982  Rod Moor grave robberies owns Crenshaw Lodge now. I beleive he is the keeper/overseer and possibly the owner of Rod Moor as well. He was kind enough to allow us access to Rod Moor. It was a very moving and emotional experience. for the entire group. We had 5 lineage granddaughters from Maurice DeLara Bright and Harriett Ann Turton-Bright present at the event.
I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your research and dedication you have put into the Bright Family History. Your collaboration of work has truly touched my heart and reconnected long lost family members and connected undiscovered family members"

I also received some excellent photos of the site which the sender has kindly allowed me to use on this site.

Horatio Bright - The Aftermath

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