HENRY (1840 - 1902)and SUSANNAH BLAND nee HIDES (1847 - 1911)

In November 2005 I received an email from a person who had come across my website and found that we shared the same great great grandfather HENRY SANBY

" Henry Sanby, is my great great grandfather also.  His daughter, Agnes ( was my great grandmother), married my great grandfather, George Bland and their son, Frank was my grandfather (through my mother).  I never knew Frank - he died when my mum was 15. Was your Henry Sanby, born in 1830, married to Agnes and an edge tool forger.  I have an address for them in 1841 of No 1 Cobden View Terrace, Nether Hallam, York."

After confirming that this was certainly the case, and we were in fact THIRD COUSINS, I received even more information on the descendents

"I have been trying to find out stuff about my maternal ancestors for ages now.  It has been blighted by the fact that my mum's mum died when she was 2 and her dad died when she was 15.  It also didn't help that we live in Essex and our ancestors are "up north".  However, my aunt has kept in contact with some of her cousins in Sheffield so I was able to find out certain information.

I knew that George Bland (my great grandfather) had married an Agnes from the 1881 census, but had trouble working out who Agnes was until one of the cousins in Sheffield provided the surname, Sanby.

George and Agnes (Bland) had 4 children:-

1.    Agnes, b.c1890 who married Andrew Morton and had 5 children:- Florence, Irene, Sylvia, Maureen and Andrew (I don't have further information on dob, etc.) -see note 3

2.    Florence, b.c1895 who married Fred Howarth and had 4 children:- Fred, Desmond, Edna and Raymond - see note 4.

3.    May, b.c1898

4.    and Frank (my grandfather), b 30.11.1906, d, 1954 who married Isabel McDaid (of Derry, Northern Ireland) and had 3 children:- Agnes, Margaret (known as Moira) and Anne..........

Frank (Bland) was a soldier stationed in Northern Ireland when he met my grandmother.  Their union meant that her father never spoke to her again. They (Frank and Isabel) moved to Rainham, in Essex after my aunt Agnes was born and then lived in Dagenham (102 First Ave).  My mum inherited the house when her aunt (who brought her up after her parents died) died.  We moved from there when I was 2 (1962) to Romford where my parents still live.

George Bland was the son of Henry Bland (1840 - 1902) and Susannah Hides (1847 - 1911) and they had 7 children:-

Father Henry Bland born 19/12/1840 Profession- knife scale and spring forger

1.    Edwin b.1864 d.1864
2.    Ann Elizabeth b.1865 d.1865
3.    Albert b.1866 married Alice Ackrill and had 2 children:- Fred b.1895 and Ivy b.1900
4.    George who married Agnes Sanby
5.    Florence b 1871 (see note2 - born 7th June 1871)
6.    Mary Ellen b1874
7.    Clara b.1877

Susannah Hides was the daughter of Matthew (b.1813) and Mary Hides (b.1822) and had 7 siblings:-

1.    Charles b.1844
2.    Julian Birkett b.1849, d.1850
3.    Julia b.1851 d.1851
4.    Ellenor Mary b.1852 d.1852
5.    Sabrina b.1854 (see note 1)
6.    Eva b.1857 d.1879 married Edward Peace (b.1848) and had a child, Edith (b.1877)
7    Lucy b.1860

Charles was blind from birth and is recorded in the 1901 census as living with his sister, Susannah and her husband Henry.

The Hides came from Wakefield

I had "guessed" a lot of stuff about the Sanbys and looking at your website I can see that mostly I was right (which is nice to know). Good to see photos of the area"

It was also good to know that my information on my SANBY ancestors had received some corroboration

A few days later I received another mail asking if any of the SANBY's were Catholic. Apart from one incidence (my gran Rose elder sister Beatrice married a GEORGE MOSS and their son GEORGE who died in 1971 definitely was a Catholic as his funeral and burial
indicates. I have a suspicion that there may be other SANBY's who may be Catholic but to date there is no concrete evidence.)

After relaying this information, I received even more information on the family

"I discovered at the weekend that the Bland's were also C of E and my grandfather (Frank) converted in order to marry my grandmother (Isabel).  He (Frank) died of a congenital heart condition (as did his father before him and his father before him).  Mum said he ballooned up and had to have liquid drained off him, but died shortly afterwards.  She also said she remembered her dad talking about his mum (Agnes Sanby) dying young by falling down a lift shaft although she was vague about that.  Agnes did die when Frank was young because his eldest sister brought him up........

I've been sharing your photos and info with my family over the weekend.  Mum was most interested to see the photos - particularly the houses they lived in.  We were trying to work out who the children were in the photo of Edwin and (Mary) Elizabeth...."

1. 'Sabrina' HIDES is fact  Sabina (GRO birth) who married Joseph Henry KENYON in 1873.

Birth Jun 1854 HIDES Sabina Sheffield 9c 272

Marriage Jun 1873 Hides Sabina Sheffield 9c 633 to Kenyon Joseph Henry
1881 Census
Source Information: Dwelling 25 Elton St Census Place Nether Hallam, York, England
Family History Library Film 1342117 Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4625 / 151
Page Number 37
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Joseph Henry. KENYON Head M Male 29 Sheffield, York, England Rail Roller (Steel?)
Sabina KENYON Wife M Female 27 Sheffield, York, England

2. Florence BLAND - Marriages Mar 1892 Kenyon Charles Clement Ecclesall Bierlow. 9c 401 married Florence BLAND

3. Marriages Sep 1915 Bland Agnes Ecclesall Bierlow.Vol 9c Page747 married Morton Philip A 

4. Marriages Dec 1915 Bland Florence Ecclesall Bierlow.Vol 9c Page756 married FREDERICK A W Howarth -


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