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  The idea for this page was borrowed from the Famous Last Words feature that appears in each months edition of Q Magazine. As a mark of gratitude to the magazine for their excellent feature, you can contact their Website by just clicking here. I have had to slightly alter the wording to take account of the fact that I'm not and never will be a Rock and Roll musician but that's the only alterations made.


How the devil are you? Fair to middlin'

What was the first gig you ever went to? Terry Reid,Savoy Brown and Jethro Tull at Sheffield City Hall in October 1969.

What were you like at school? Miserable,bored and totally lacking in self confidence. In fact it was that bad I was awarded a consectutive sentence of two years for A Levels.

If you weren't a technician,what would you be? Anything that pays!

What's your most treasured possession? Nothing in particular. Probably a small transitor radio stirs a lot of memories and I've a fondness for certain records in my collecion

What's the worst record you've ever heard? The list is endless though "The Deal" by Pat Campbell must rank as a total embarrassment.

When did you last cry and why?Tearing my ankle ligaments in a fall at Whitby Summer Bank Holiday 1995.

What's your poison? Touring caravans,continental toilets and deceitful people.

Who's the last person that you punched? A Rotherham United supporter circa 1980,

Pick five words to describe yourself Loyal,Perceptive,Liberal,Receptive and Impetuous

What's in your pockets right now? A wallet and coins.

What was the last record you bought? Walking Into Clarksdale by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

What are you most likely to complain about in a hotel? There is no excuse for unhygenic facilities and rude customers

What characteristics do you think you have inherited from your parents? A pessimism towards life in general and people in particular.

What's your culinary speciality? I've been known to knock a decent steak out with trimmings.

What's your greatest fear? Losing any of my senses and Sheffield Wednesday becoming Sheffield's best football club.

What's your most unpleasant characteristic? An unforgiving nature.

What music would you have at your funeral? It would be an ecletic mix to say the least. Certainly "I Can See Clearly Now" by the Hothouse Flowers,"Sacred Love" by the Dusing Singers,"Across The Universe" by John Lennon,an Ennio Morricone soundtrack and finally a Ry Cooder soundtrack    

Can you recite a line of poetry? "Squire nagged and bullied until I went to fight,(Under Lord Derby's scheme). I died in hell-." the opening lines to "Memorial Tablet (Great War)" by Siegfried Sassoon.

What is the greatest film ever made? Difficult to call but I'd have to give the nod to The Godfather.

Have you ever been arrested? No

What turns you on? Fast horses and slow women

Happiness is ... A clear sky,a warm breeze,a sandy beach,a good book,a cold beer and peace and quiet

Where are you off to now? At least I can get a cold beer

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