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The names listed below are ex-inmates of the school who managed to do their stretch and have contacted me since I posted the ABGS material to the site. I should stress that the views expressed about both schools are mine and mine alone.   

Name: Steve Bower
Hometown: Milton Keynes, Bucks.
Date Posted: 17/7 2001

Name: Phil
Hometown: Sheffield
Date Posted 14/8 2001

Name: Ian Laurenson
Hometown: Orpington, Kent
Date Posted 22/9 2001

Name: Charles Wyke-Smith
Where Now:California, U.S.A 
Date Left: 1972
Webpage: BBd 

Name: Stephen Hewitt

Name: Brian Caverley

Name: Paul Garbett

Name: Mark Grimshaw
Where Now: Tewkesbury
Date Left: 1972
Interests: Music, Food, Wine
Homepage: Mark Grimshaw's Italian Cookery Site

Name: Paul Spink
Date Left: 1973

Paul contacted me in May 2004 with the following message.  Paul is part of a team organising a Reunion in 2005 and would be delighted if anyone can assist him in his attempts to contact former members of his year group.  If you can help, please contact Paul's mail address.

I'm an Abbeydale Old Boy, like yourself, although I was in the year below you (1966-1973).  I found your website while trawling the net for info on
Abbeydale Boys Grammar, Abbeydale Girls Grammar and Grange Grammar, because I am part of a team organising a year-group reunion in 2005, when we'll all be 50.

Our aim for the reunion is to try and track down as many of our peers as we can.  As you were in the year above us, I wondered if your year-group had done anything similar, and if so whether you have any hints or tips.  Plus, if you have any contacts through your site with people in my year, I'd be grateful if you can put me in touch with them.

We also aim to invite our teachers, so if you are in touch with any of them, I would be grateful for their contact info.  My father is Peter Spinks who
was a teacher at Nether Edge Grammar and knew many of the Abbeydale Boys teachers who transferred across in 1958 (bad luck for me), although he never taught at Abbeydale (he went to Brincliffe instead, then to Totley Teacher Training College).  Of course, he did not necessarily know the later additions to the teaching staff, but I know he is still in touch with people like Roger Dunn (Maths).

We're mainly making contact with our year group by asking friends who else they have kept in touch with, then repeating the process with the new names. We've also dragged out a year-group photo and tried to put names to faces, and I plan to ask the school for a list of past students - I can then try online searching of the Electoral Register, although people who moved away from Sheffield and ladies who married and changed their names will be difficult to trace.  I'm also going to try Friends Reunited and see what that can do for us.  If you have any other ideas on how to go about this, I'd be interested to know about them.


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