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Jan1 Stanley Matthews becomes the first professional soccer player to receive a knighthood
Jan4 President Lyndon Johnson outlined the proposals of his "Great Society" in his State of the Union address
Jan14 Prime Ministers of Northern Ireland and Ireland met for the first time in 43 years.
Jan24 Sir Winston Churchill, statesman and British prime minister throughout World War II, dies aged 90 from a cerebral thrombosis. A State Funeral took place on 30th January
Feb7 US begins regular bombing and strafing of North Vietnam's towns and villages. USSR promises Soviet support to North Vietnam in the advent of a major attack
Feb8 UK Government announced a ban on cigarette advertising on TV.
Feb18 Gambia declares independence
Feb21 American Black Muslim leader Malcolm X was shot dead while addressing a meeting in New York.
Mar8 First US combat forces arrive in Vietnam. Invasion by U.S. Marines commences at Da Nang
Mar9 President Johnson, as one of his first acts to support "The Great Society", sends $1.4 billion of federal-state economic aid to Appalachia.
Mar11 The Rev. James J. Reeb, a white minister from Boston, died after being beaten by whites during civil rights disturbances in Selma, Ala.
Mar18 Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov became the first man to walk in space. Leonov spent 12 minutes outside the Voskhod 2 capsule, attached to a five-foot tether. After the walk, his spacesuit had inflated in the vacuum of space to the point where he could not re-enter the craft, so he had to dangerously lose pressure in his suit to return to safety.
Mar21 Martin Luther King Jr. led the start of a civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Bob Dylan releases his first 'electric guitar' album 'Bringing It All Back Home' (although it's only electric on one side, the other's acoustic). This heralded the start of a period when Dylan was at his creative peak

Apr6 Launch of Early Bird commercial communications satellite
Apr9 The West German parliament approves a law that extends the statute of limitations on Nazi War Crimes
Apr23 The Penine Way is officially opened. It stretches from Edale in the Peak District to Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders
Apr27 RC Duncan patents the world's first disposable nappy/diaper
Apr29 Australia announces that it is sending an infantry battalion to support the South Vietnamese government
May2 President Johnson sends troops to the Dominican Republic to "prevent another Communist state in this hemisphere."
  The first communications satellite for relaying television pictures went into operation; the "Early Bird" transmitted to 24 countries
May29 A mining accident in Dhambas, India kills 274 people. Nine days later a further 128 people die in a mining accident in Kakanji, Bosnia (7 June)
Jun3 The anti-contraception law that was passed in 18979 by the state of Connecticut is declared unconstituional by the US Supreme Court on the grounds that it is an invasion of privacy
Jun5-7 As part of Project Gemini Edward H. White II makes first US space walk
June19 A bloodless coup in Algeria. Houari Boumedienne's Revolutionary Council peplaces Ben Bella
Jun24 Former champion British boxer and night club owner Freddie Mills was found shot dead in his car in Soho.
Jul8 Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs and three other prisoners escape from Wandsworth Prison. Biggs travels to Spain for plastic surgery and then to Brazil
Jul14  American space probe "Mariner 4"sends back photographs of the surface of Mars
Jul16 The Mont Blanc Tunnel is used for the first time
Jul25 Bob Dylan goes electric at the Newport Folk Festival - the beginning of folk-rock
Jul27 Edward Heath becomes Leader of the Conservative Party succeeeding Sir Alec Douglas Hume
Aug1 TV ban on cigarette advertising in Britain
Aug9 An explosion at a missile plant in Arkansas kills 53 people
Aug11 LA Police arrest and beat Marquette Frye in the Watts district of Los Angeles for drunk driving, triggering a week of rioting and looting which resulted in the deaths of 34 people and the injuring of more than 1,000 other people(until 18 Aug)
Aug15 The Beatles perform in front of 55,000 fans at the Shea Stadium in New York City setting a world record for a pop concert in the process
Aug19 At the Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt, 66 ex- SS personnel receive life sentences for following and obeying orders. 15 receive smaller sentences
Sep2 Pakistani troops enter the Indian sector of Kashmir. Four days later Indian troops march on Lahore, and despite an armistice the conflict flares up again on Sep 24  
Sep21 Oil strike by BP in North Sea
Sep30 Indonesian troops kill 500,000 people after an alleged coup fails
Oct8 The Post Office Tower at 620 feet opens in London
Oct9 "Vinland Map" was introduced by Yale University as being the first known map of America, drawn about 1440 by Norse explorer
Lief Eriksson.
Oct26 The four members of the Beatles receive their MBE's at Buckingham palace
Oct28 Death penalty abolished in Britain for murder [some say 18 Dec 1969]
  Gateway Arch (630' (190m) high) completed in St Louis, Missouri
Nov9 Power plants at Niagara fail leading to blackouts in New York,Ontario,Vermont, Connecticut,New Jersey,New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The blackout lasted 14 hours
Nov11 Declaration of UDI by Rhodesian government led by Ian Smith
Nov16 The Soviet Union launched its Venus III spacecraft. It arrived at its destination, Venus, in March, 1966, becoming the first spacecraft
to land on another planet
Nov23 Cassius Clay defeats Floyd Patterson to retain his title as heavyweight Champion of the World
Nov29 Mary Whitehouse began her clean-up television campaign by forming the right wing National Viewers and Listeners' Association.
Dec22 70mph speed limit imposed on British roads


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