For anyone who is researching the Myers family name and/or has an interest in the history of South Yorkshire , I can thoroughly recommend "The Myers of Rotherham" website. Apart from being an excellent resource, it gives a far more detailed account of the wider Myers family

THOMAS MYERS (my great great great grandfather) who was born on 23rd February 1803, was baptised at the church in Laughton En Le Morthen a month later on 27th March 1803. He was the son of my great great great great grandparents (x4)  WILLIAM and ELIZABETH MYERS (nee BRAMHALL). WILLIAM and ELIZABETH were married at what is now Sheffield Cathedral on 3rd February 1789. 

THOMAS MYERS had six brothers and sisters all of whom were older than THOMAS

William also had an elder brother called EDWARD MYERS who married a woman called MARTHA EATON on 2nd July 1787 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Edward and Martha also had a son called THOMAS who was born late 1802 in the Masborough area of Rotherham. He married a woman called ELIZABETH TURNER and is the first cousin of my great great great grandfather who was also called THOMAS. The Thomas Myers who married Elizabeth is of course the nephew of William and Elizabeth Myers (grandparents x4). It gets rather complicated!

WILLIAM (1766-1803) and EDWARD MYERS (1761-1826) were the sons of FRANCIS and SARAH MYERS nee EMERSON. WILLIAM was born in Wombwell in 1766 (christened Parish Church, Darfield, Yorkshire 21st September 1766) and died in Laughton En Le Morthen in 1803. His wife ELIZABETH survived him by another nineteen years before dying in 1822. He died in the same year as my great great great grandfather THOMAS was born. For the previous ten years a local trade directory gives WILLIAM's occupation as tailor

The above painting shows the Parish Church of St Peter in Sheffield in 1793 four years after my grandparents (x4) wedding

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This information was supplied by Paula J. Myers (Edward's great great great granddaughter) to whom my thanks are given. As with the rest of the site any mistakes are mine and mine alone  

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