Vera Wall (1919 - 1969)

Born 26th September 1919 with a maiden name Brown. She died on 12th September 1969 at 37 Spring Hill Sheffield two weeks short of her fiftieth birthday, An Inquest was held on 16th September 1969 before Herbert H. Pilling Coroner for the City of Sheffield during which it was disclosed that Vera had died from a barbituate overdose (Tuinol) and was also the victim of a renal abscess and disseminated sclerosis. An Open Verdict was returned and a death certificate was issued (IH365928 - no9).

Disseminated Sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis) is a chronic disease of the nervous system affecting young and middle-aged adults. The myelin sheaths surrounding nerves in the brain and spinal cord are damaged, which affects the function of the nerves involved. The course of the illness is usually characterized by recurrent relapses followed by remissions, but a small proportion of patients run a chronic progressive course. The disease affects different parts of the brain and spinal cord, resulting in typically scattered symptoms. These include unsteady gait and shaky movements of the limbs (ataxia), rapid involuntary movements of the eyes, defects in speech pronunciation (dysarthria), spastic weakness, and retrobulbar neuritis. The underlying cause of the nerve damage remains unknown (Concise Medical Dictionary, Oxford University Press)

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