As I stated earlier I think it is reasonable to assume that the couple living at  Church Lane Gainsborough in the 1861 Census were my great great great grandparents WILLIAM and MARIA HEMSWORTH. The specific nature of the birth location for MARIA in the 1861 Census was a major breakthrough for it confirmed in most parts an entry in the IGI Index for the christening of MARIA THURSBY my great great great grandmother 

DATE 22 Oct 1791 at All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England.

Name Maria ThursbyGender Female Baptism Date22 Oct 1791 Baptism Place All Saints,South Leverton,Nottingham,England FatherJoshua Thursby MotherJane FHL Film Number503788, 504520

The only discrepancy is the age. If the IGI Index is correct and I believe that it is, Maria's age on the 1861 should read 69 and not 65. But I also believe that William's age should be 67 and not 63. The ages on the 1861 Census are four years younger than what they should be.

MARIA was the daughter of JOSHUA and JANE THURSBY and had the following brothers and sisters

JOHN THURSBY christened on 11th October 1789 at All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England.

ANN THURSBY christened on 22nd November 1796 at All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England. 

HANNAH THURSBY christened on 21st March 1799 at All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England.

GEORGE THURSBY christened on 26th March 1800 at All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England. In looks exceedingly likely that George lived in the area all his life for there is a record of a George Thursby dying in East Retford (GRO reference Vol 7b Page 5) in the December quarter of 1881. He was 81 years of age.  The 1881 Census records George as still living in South Leverton and still working as an agricultural labourer. Furthermore his wife MARY THURSBY is recorded as being an agricultural labourers wife at the age of 80! (PRO Ref RG11 Piece/Folo 3301/70 Page 4). Their unmarried daughter PRISCILLA aged 36 was also living with the couple.


All Saints Church, South Leverton, Nottinghamshire

Photo from the Old Notts Local and Family History Group

Their parents Joshua and Jane were also married in the same church as their children were christened in. The IGI Index reveals Joshua Thursby - Jane Pennington (great great great great grandparents) DATE 21st October 1788 PLACE All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England.

The only other fact I can obtain comes from contemporary records is that Joshua Thursby was a Blacksmith by trade. 

This is where the trail goes cold so to speak. There is an entry (the only entry) in the IGI INDEX for the christening of a Joshua Thursby on 17th February 1739 at Gringley-On-The-Hill, Nottingham, England. There is also a marriage between a John Thursby and Elizebeth Green on 16th October 1710 also at Gringley-On-The-Hill, Nottingham, England. If it is the same Joshua that would make him 48 at the time of his marriage to Jane which I believe is a bit of a non starter given the average life expectancy in the late eighteenth century.

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