Tom was my wife Elaine's father who sadly died before I met her. Elaine knew very little about her dad's side of the family and so I thought it may prove an interesting exercise to conduct some research into her family's ancestry. Tom attended Sheffield City Grammar School and fortunately there were two references to him on their excellent website. The first was a mention in the 1945 school magazine in which the readers were informed that Tom Shutt, was serving in the Royal Navy but the second item was absolutely fascinating. There is a photograph which is posted below that shows Tom in the second year at the School in October 1938. No-one in the family had ever seen the photograph before - in fact this was the first time that Elaine had seen a photograph of her dad as a schoolboy. Tom is on the back row second from the left

Tom after leaving the Navy worked for British Rail. Here he is receiving an award at an annual presentation 

Tom was the only son of FRED and VIOLET SHUTT (nee MILLS). It is believed that he had a brother who was either still-born or who died soon after birth. My wife seemed to recall that her grandmothers maiden name was MILLS and so with this information, I obtained the following data from the 1901 Census in respect of both FRED and VIOLET

Dwelling: 38 Houghton Street Brightside Sheffield - Reference RG13/4373 Page 20



Rel Occupation Place of Birth
Thomas SHUTT 42 Head Stoker Stationary Dudley Staffordshire
Mary J SHUTT 40 Wife   Borlington Staffordshire
Albert SHUTT 17 Son Billiard Marker Sheffield Yorkshire
Anne  SHUTT 13 Daughter   Sheffield Yorkshire
Ernest SHUTT 11 Son   Sheffield Yorkshire
Fred SHUTT 3 Son   Sheffield Yorkshire

Dwelling: 268 Dunlop Street Carbrook Sheffield Yorkshire

Reference RG13/4382 Page7 



Rel Occupation Place of Birth
Adolphus OTTER 30 Head (wid) Furnace Man Carbrook Sheffield Yorkshire
Lilly OTTER 8 Daughter   Carbrook Sheffield Yorkshire
Adam H MILLS 23 BrotherInLaw Rope Splicer Upperthorpe Sheffield
Ellen MILLS 22 Sister   Sheffield Yorkshire
Cyril MILLS 2 Son   Sheffield Yorkshire
Violet MILLS 1 month Daughter   Sheffield Yorkshire

Note: Up until the 1870's Dunlop Street was known as Dun Street. I am interested in obtaining any photographs that were taken of Dunlop Street in the first half of the twentieth century. If anyone can help me please let either myself or Mike Bailey know. Mike was born at 272 Dunlop Street in 1940!   

Please follow the link for further details on Violet's ancestors

There is an excellent photograph showing Fred and Violet on the beach in deckchairs. Unfortunately there is no indication of when or where the photograph was taken beyond the fact that the reverse of the photograph has the number "56" in pencil. I have also placed on a separate page further photographs of Thomas's family that also feature Fred and Violet as well as his own family

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