Sheffield's First Air Raid - 25th September 1916

A Full Account

In March 2015 I came across this report that was published in the Yorkshire Post on 2nd January 1919, more than two years after the raid occurred. Reading the report I got the firm impression that the report was compiled at and/or soon after the raid took place but was not published due to wartime restrictions that were placed on the local and national press


But in May 2016 I accidentally found this report from the Sheffield Independent dated Tuesday 3rd December 1918 barely three weeks after the end of the war.  It is by far the most comprehensive report about the events of that night in September 1916


The report also helps me in resolving a mystery that has puzzled me and others for a number of years. The death toll given at the inquest that was held after the attack was 28 persons. This figure is quoted again in this report dated December 1918. But the memorial that is outside the Baltic Works states that 29 persons died - nine men, ten women and ten children. I have identified that the "missing person" was a man and right at the end of the report it states that a person died in hospital who was "supposed to be indirectly a victim of the raid." In the absence of any other person I feel sure that he is the 29th victim of the raid.

Thankfully I have now been able to identify the 29th victim as a 28 year machine driller called George Ineson. Two days after the report of the raid was published in the Sheffield  Independent, the following report appeared in the same paper. He was hardly an "indirect victim of the raid" as he was "severely injured about the head" in the attack which led to his death in the Royal Hospital the following Sunday. 


George is also unusual in that he is buried in Sheffield's City Road Cemetery. All the other victims with the exception of the Hames family are buried in Sheffield's Burngreave Cemetery

INESON, George (Machine Driller, age 28).
Died at Royal Hospital; Buried on October 5, 1916 in General Portion ground; Grave Number 10172, Section Z of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.

George was the last victim of an air-raid on Sheffield until the summer of 1940 when three persons lost their lives when the Luftwaffe dropped their first bombs on Sheffield.

Sheffield's First Air Raid - 25th September 1916 and the Unveiling of the Memorial Plaque to the 29 victims of the Raid Saturday 11th November 1922

"We must keep their memory green and revere their names as long as we live"


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