NATHANIEL's second marriage in August 1858 revealed that his father was a farmer called SAMUEL THOMAS and he is my great great great  great grandfather (grandfather x 4). Needless to say I know very little about SAMUEL beyonf the fact that he was born circa 1760 in Radnorshire . Wales and that on 13th May 1783 he married an ELIZABETH WILLIAMS at Nantmel in Radnorshire.  ELIZABETH was also from the county and was roughly the same age as her husband.

The last piece or more accurately scrap of  information I have and it is by no means conclusive and/or proven is that SAMUEL was the son of a NATHANIEL  THOMAS who was born circa 1733 and married circa 1759. If it is ever proven then NATHANIEL was be my grandfather (x5)> There is no information on Elizabeth's parents.

SAMUEL THOMAS's mother ELIZABETH was the daughter of MORGAN and ANN LEWIS. MORGAN and ANN are my my great great great  great grandparents (grandparents x 4). Thankfully there is more information on Morgan and Ann than on SAMUEL's maternal grandparents. MORGAN LEWIS was baptised on 1st October 1752 in Nantmel, Radnorshire. The parish of Nantmel by the way is a large rural area which stretches from the edge of Rhayader to the outskirts of Crossgates, and runs down to the River Wye. He married ANNE LEWIS circa 1779 and they had their daughter ELIZABETH circa 1780. But a year later the records state that MORGAN died and was buried in his home parish of Natmel on 14th October 1781 he would have been 29 years of age when he died. The only details I have got on his wife ANN is that she was born circa 1860 in Llanwrthwl.

MORGAN's mother and father were called HOWELL and ELIZABETH LEWIS nee REES.  They are my great great great great  great grandparents (grandparents x 5). MORGAN was born circa 1721 in Radnorshire and married ELIZABETH (born circa 1722) on 28th November 1744 at Nantmel, Radnorshire. He was around 42 years of age when he died for there is a record of his burial on 5th February 1763 in his home parish of Nantmel.

ANN's parents were called MORGAN and MARY LEWIS and they are my great great great great  great grandparents (grandparents x 5) MORGAN was born circa 1731 and MARY circa 1735. They married 17th January 1757    

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