NATHANIEL (1798 - 1873) and ELIZABETH THOMAS (1780 - 1856)

The Parents of Samuel Thomas (1824 - 1895)

My great great grandfather SAMUEL THOMAS was born on 14th April 1824 at St Harmon in Radnorshire, Wales and was the son of


Nathaniel and Elizabeth THOMAS were my great great great grandparents (grandparentsx3)

NATHANIEL which incidentally was not a common name at the time married ELIZABETH at  St Cynilo's Church, Nantmel, Radnorshire on 26th March 1821. The interesting aspect of my great great great grandparents marriage is the age difference between the pair

The site of Tycoch - 2007

At the time of the 1841 census they were living at Tycoch, (a farm adjacent to Crawnant Fach ), now long gone. NATHANIEL's age is given as 40, and Elizabeth's as 55. Their son Samuel was 15, It is also interesting to note that also in residence at the farm was Elizabeth's  maiden aunt MARY LEWIS aged 70. This would have made her date of birth as circa 1771

ELIZABETH THOMAS (nee LEWIS) died on 29th July 1856 at Penrhyddlan, Llanwrthl, of what was termed "paralysis".

Two years later on 24th August 1858 NATHANIEL remarried at the age of 57 at St Brides Church, Cwmdeuddr, Radnorshire. His second wife was called CATHERINE HUMPHREYS and was living at Tynyfoel Cottage, .

The 1851 Census for Radnorshire, the enumeration district Rheadr Gwy, the parish of Llanwrthwl(Breconshire, shows Nathaniel and his wife Elizabeth nee Lewis living at TY COCH. The 1861 census for Radnorshire,Dyffryn Elan, Llansanffraid,Cwmdauddwr, shows Nathaniel and his second wife Catherine.

The details on the Register also reveal that NATHANIEL's father was a farmer called SAMUEL THOMAS and he is my great great great  great grandfather (grandfather x 4). SAMUEL THOMAS married  a ELIZABETH WILLIAMS on 13th May 1783 at Nantmel Parish Church Both were born in 1760.

SAMUEL and ELIZABETH had three children

1. ELIZABETH THOMAS - Baptism entry at Nantmel Parish church Date of baptism 14th March 1784

2. SAMUEL THOMAS - Baptism entry at Nantmel Parish church Date of baptism 27th November 1785

3. NATHANIEL THOMAS - born circa 1798 in the parish of St Harmon in Radnorshire - my grandfather (x3)

NATHANIEL died on 26th June 1873 at East Street, Rhayader, age 73. At the time of his death, his occupation was given as an agricultural labourer. The cause of death was bronchitis. The death certificate also states that his wife CATHERINE was present at the time of death. She just marked the register as many did with just a cross.

CATHERINE continued to live at East Street after Nathaniel's death. The 1881 Census - 17 East Street, Rhayader, Radnor, Wales PRO Reference RG11Piece 5475/75 Page 37

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 Catherine THOMAS   Head   W   Female   77   Cwmtoyddwr, Radnorshire, Wales   Lodging House Keeper 
 Eliza PRICE   Lodger   U   Female   29   Rhayader, Radnorshire, Wales   General Serv (Out of Employ) 
 Edward JONES   Lodger   W   Male   72   Rhayader, Radnorshire, Wales   Tailor 
 William LEWIS   Lodger   W   Male   55   Newtown, Montgomery, Wales   Shoemaker 

 Catherine lived another four years but like so many others at the time, her place of death is given as the Workhouse in Rhayader. She was buried on 2nd June 1885 in what I must assume is a pauper's grave. 

REES (1784 - 1873) and MARGARET LEWIS nee PRICE (b1795)

The Parents of Ann Thomas (nee Lewis)

ANN LEWIS was born in 1826 and was the daughter of REES and MARGARET LEWIS (nee Price). Ann's father REES LEWIS was born at Tynywaun, Llanafan Fawr and christened on Sunday 5th December 1784 at Llanafan Fawr in Breconshire. He married Margaret circa 1817 and had a family of two sons and three daughters

Rees' wife MARGARET LEWIS (nee PRICE) was the daughter of Einon Price. She was christened in Llanwrthl on 11th April 1795 which made her ten years younger than her husband Rees.

Rees and Margaret LEWIS were my great great great grandparents. (grandparents x3)

Note: Rees is also said to have fathered the daughter of Ann Price, named Catherine baptised 1817. There is no record of a marriage to Margaret Price who bore most of his children. There were other children born to him by various partners. He was known to have liasions with a Mary Williams, a Margaret Evans. It is said that Margaret Evans was his first wife and died under suspicious circumstances.

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