When my gran Rose died in 1986 she left amongst other things an old photograph album that had deteriorated over time and a few photographs loose in a box.  For a number of years I just kept them in a cupboard but as my interest in my ancestors increased I began to look at the photographs in greater detail. Some of the photographs I was able to place but there were a number that proved a great deal more difficult.

The wedding photograph featured below is a big mystery as there is no indication as to date and who the people are. I would guess that the photograph was taken circa 1910 and that the people are members of the Sanby family. The woman sat down bears a remarkable likeness to my grandmother Rose and in fact may well be her. But I can't ascertain what the actual occasion was 


The photograph of the left shows my Gran with an unidentified woman and her children whilst the one on the left is almost certainly one of my gran's sisters but unfortunately I do not know which one.


The final photograph is later than most of the others on the page. It was taken in the garden of what looks like a council house in one of Sheffield estates. The photograph may well be one of my gran's nieces and her baby. Her sisters lived on the Southey Green/Shiregreen estates which gives a slight indication of the person in the photograph. Beyond that there is just a family likeness 

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