The 1901 Census (Ref RG13/4344 Page4) reveals that my grandmothers family had moved from 402 South Road Walkley to 48 Harold Street Walkley Sheffield. The actual road linked Daniel Hill Walk with Burgoyne Road




Rel Staus Occupation Place of Birth


SANBY Edwin (1856 - 1910) 44 Head Married Edge Tool Forger Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Mary E (1858 - 1904) 42 Wife Married   Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Albert (1880 - 20 Son Single Edge Tool Striker Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Florence (1882 -  18 Dau Single Sweet Machine Worker Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Beatrice (1884 - 16 Dau Single File Cutter Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Ada (1886 - 14 Dau Single   Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Edwin (1890 -  10 Son Single   Sheffield Yorkshire
SANBY Rose (1894 -   7 Dau Single   Sheffield Yorkshire

Nearly all the information with regard to my grandmothers family on the 1901 Census ties in with the details that appeared in the previous Census ten years earlier. The two main differences are the birth of my Gran Rose in 1894 and one that I can't explain and perhaps never will be able to. For some reason my great grandfather is entered on the Enumerators Return as GEORGE (which is the name of his younger brother). All the information is consistent with that of EDWIN and so it really is just speculation as to why he is down as George. 

There is a map that shows the location of the property. Taken in 1910 Harold Street is in the top right hand corner of the map and is on the boundary between Walkley and Crookesmoor. All the properties in the street and the adjoining Bloor and Harworth Streets were demolished in the 1970's and the area is now a Park (Ruskin Park)  

There is also a page of photographs featuring people who I believe may be members of the SANBY family. I have added all the information I have relating to the photographs and hope that someday I may be able to add some more 

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