Reginald Henry - died at the age of 83 on 31st July 1978 at his home in Porthcawl. He married Sarah Hobbs (nee Evans) on 14th May 1924 in Pontypridd Registry Office and had four sons and two daughters. 

At the time of his marriage to Sarah in 1924, he lived in Ynys Street Ynyshir, and following the marriage took up residence at 46 Aberhondda Road, Ynyshir. Prior to that he had lived at 23 Vivien Street - Tylorstown, South Wales

On the other side of the card was a group of young ladies in welsh traditional dress!


Sarah (1905 - 1978) who was the daughter of John (1856 - ) and Esther Evans (1868 - ) died less than three months after Reg on 21st  September 1978 in the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend. She too was cremated at Margam Crematorium, and her ashes laid with her husband.  

Incidentally Sarah place of birth was the cottage shown in the photograph on Reg's parents page. 

For further details of Reg and Sal's family please visit The Reg Hobbs Web-Site which is administered by Dennis Hobbs the son of Reg and Sarah. If you want to contact them let me know and I will forward you the details.

Prior to the First World War Reg was employed as a footman in service at at Stradey House. Stradey House is now, The Stradey Park Hotel, a 77 bedroom Hotel situated just outside Llanelli off the A484. He was not suited to a life in service and so he returned home and started work in the local colliery no doubt alongside his brother(s). At the declaration of war in 1914 Reg joined the Welsh Regiment . The photograph 9see below) was taken sometime in 1915 - 16 and shows Reg astride an Officers horse. Reg was a batman at the time. To date I know little of Reg's servive record beyond the fact that he suffered mustard gas burns to the legs during one engagement

After the War Reg worked as an Insurance Agent as he had no desire to return to the mining industry. However by the early 1930s he made the decision to move to Bethania, in Ceredigion, Mid West Wales, and start a business as a coal merchant and haulage contractor. Despite his best efforts the venture proved unsuccessful and so he and the family moved back to the Rhondda. The South Wales coalfield was certainly no place to bring a family up in the 1930's as it was (and still is) blighted by unemployment. However in 1934 an opportunity arose for him to move to Nottingham and work as a soft drinks sales/delivery man for Corona He changed jobs later that year and became a labourer for Nottingham City Council. He carried on working for the local authority until 1959, when he decided on early retirement, sold his house and returned to Wales to open a Bed and Breakfast house at 7 Mackworth Road, Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan. 

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