JOSEPH RIDAL (abt 1789 - 1842) AND ANN RIDAL (abt 1786

JOSEPH and ANN RIDAL were my great great great grandparents. At the moment actual information on them is relatively limited. Their marriage took place on 12th June 1811 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England and Ann's maiden name was PROCTOR. Joseph was born circa 1789 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. The name RIDAL is one of those surnames that is open to a number of different spellings, a fact that makes tracing this line of ancestors  a lot more difficult.

In the summer of 2016 I did make some progress on this line of my ancestors. I found this record of Joseph's burial in St Georges Church Sheffield on 19th April 1842. He was 53 years of age and was a resident of Steel Bank Sheffield  

Based on this record I was able to establish that Joseph and Ann were living a year earlier in 1841. This is their Census entry

Joseph and Ann had four children

1 James born 1916

2. Mary Ann born 1822 - my great great grandmother MARY ANN MYERS (nee RIDAL)

3. Susan born 1824

4.George born 1829

but the most important piece of information was the fact that Joseph was a Mason


The name PROCTOR is an English occupational name that described the steward, and is a contracted form of the Old French word procurateour < Latin procurator = agent. The term was used for solicitors, and officials such as collectors of taxes, and agents licensed to collect alms for lepers and monks. Procktor, Procter, Prockter are variations.

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