The parents of Emma, JOHN and ELIZABETH DAY (nee Woodwards) were married at St John The Baptist Church, Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire on 28th February 1825.  

At the time of their marriage both had single status. The baptism records of Emma and Eliza reveal that John's occupation was that of Labourer. At the time of Emma's marriage to Thomas Hobbs in 1855 his trade is given on the marriage certificate as Cab Proprietor. The only other facts that can be ascertained from the records is that the marriage was witnessed by Thomas Woodwards and Alice McDonalds. And there is evidence to suggest that the Woodwards were from the adjoining parish of South Mymms in Hertfordshire.

JOHN and ELIZABETH had five children as far as I can ascertain. All were christened at St John The Baptist Church, Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire.

The information was obtained through I.G.I. - to date I still have to check the original registers

(Source Information: Batch No.: C072261 Dates: 1605 - 1876 Source Call No.: 0991410  Printout Call No.: 6900916 Type: Film Sheet: 00)

In May 2006, I received information from a relative that updated the position. A record of JOHN and ELIZABETH's family was found in the 1851 Census. The family had moved to the St Pancras area of London (PRO Ref HO 10 107 1497 Folio 23 Household 185) and were residing at 5 Union Terrace St Pancras London

JOHN DAY Married 47 Male East Barnet Middlesex Day Labourer
ELIZABETH DAY Married 41 Female South Mimms Middlesex  
MARGARET DAY Dau 9 Female Islington London  
FREDERICK DAY Son 5 Male Paddington London  

The most interesting point of this information is that none of the five children christened in Chipping Barnet are with the family. I have yet to find out what became of them apart from EMMA. There certainly is the possibility that one or more may have died in childhood but to date there is no evidence to support this.

What is certain is that the family moved to London sometime in the period 1838 - 1842 (MARY ANN was christened in Barnet in late 1837 and MARGARET was born in Islington 1842. And whilst in London the family seemed to have moved around a bit as their son  FREDERICK was born in Paddington in 1846. As stated above the were recorded in St Pancras in the 1851 Census. 

Ten years later in 1861 the family were still residing in  St Pancras area of London at an address 31 Little Albany Street London, Middlesex, England (PRO Ref 9/96 Page 31). They had moved since 1851 but only within the district. JOHN's occupation is now a Cab Proprietor which ties in with the information supplied on his daughter EMMA's marriage certificate of 1854.

JOHN DAY Married 56 Male East Barnet Middlesex Cab Proprietor
ELIZABETH DAY Married 50 Female South Mimms Middlesex  
MARGARET DAY Dau 18 Female Islington London  
FREDERICK DAY Son 16 Male Paddington London Stableman

Sometime between April 1851 and September 1854, JOHN DAY set up as a Cab Proprietor.  

I found this information fascinating. In 1851, JOHN was employed in one of the most poorly paid and insecure jobs in the city. As the name states, Day Labourers, were employed by the day. If there was little or no work that day, they were not hired and in turn were not paid. And yet, JOHN somehow managed to acquire enough money to buy a horse and cab and set himself up as a Cab Proprietor. It was this "upturn in his fortunes" coupled with the other information in the 1851 Censuses that has led me to question and doubt my paternal ancestors.

The final census I have accessed is the 1881 one

Dwelling 15 Little Albany Street London, Middlesex, England (PRO REF RG11 Piece/Folio 0179/94 Page Number 41

ELIZABETH DAY Widow 71 Female Barnet Herts  
MARGARET DAY Dau - M 40 Female Surrey England
EMMA ELDRIDGE  - U 16 Female St Pancras Middlesex Dressmaker

JOHN must have died in the twenty years since 1861. But once again, the question arises, what did ELIZABETH and MARGARET live on . There did not have jobs and there is no other visible means of support beyond the rent paid by a 16 year old dressmaker. they were still living in the same street as they did twenty years earlier. The house numbers are different though which may indicate that the numbering had changed since 1861 or the family had moved house

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