The Marriage of Fred and (Gertrude) May HEMSWORTH

12 Broughton Road Hillsborough Sheffield 1907

The photograph was taken in the garden of a house in Broughton Road Hillsborough Sheffield. For many years I did not  have an exact date for the wedding but I have eventually discovered that it was in the June quarter of 1907. The house where the photograph was taken is believed to be the home of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs Travis. The bride's maiden name was Gertrude May Travis but she was known to everyone as May. At the time of the marriage she would have been about 25 years old. Prior to the marriage she was employed as a "book seller paper" whilst Fred worked in the Hemsworth family business of coach building. 


FRONT ROW: Constance: Sydney (My Grandad), James Willmore ("Bimmy" who was the son of Thirza Willmore nee Hemsworth, Fred's eldest sister) The girl on the right not known to us

Kneeling behind the front row is Harry (Fred's twin brother) and next to him is his wife Beatrice nee Nockalls. The man on the right is John Travis (May's brother). The woman to the right of centre is not known to us

BACK ROW: Sid Siddall: The man to the left with the moustache is not known but the woman to the left is Gertrude Siddall (Sid's wife): Mary Anne Hemsworth (My Great Grandmother): Thirza Willmore ("Bimmy's mother"): Alonzo Hemsworth (My Great Grandfather): FRED and GERTRUDE MAY HEMSWORTH nee TRAVIS (The Bridal Couple): The man in the middle of the couple may be May's father: To the Bride's left is her mother: The two people to her left are not known to us but the woman was called Blanche

Alonzo and Mary Ann HEMSWORTHS' Family

My great grandparents Alonzo and Mary Ann had a total of ten children six sons and four daughters. The 1891 Census Extracts discloses the following information and shows that Alonzo and Mary already had seven of their ten children. 



Rel Occupation Place of Birth County of Birth
HEMSWORTH Alonzo 34 Head Married Coach Body Maker Gainsborough Lincolnshire
HEMSWORTH Mary Ann   33 Wife Married   Alderney Channel  Is
HEMSWORTH Thirza 11 Daughter   Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire
HEMSWORTH Frederick 9 Son   Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire
HEMSWORTH Harry    9 Son   Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire
HEMSWORTH Mary Ann    7 Daughter   Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire
HEMSWORTH Gertrude      4 Daughter     Sheffield Yorkshire
HEMSWORTH Alonzo    2 Son     Sheffield Yorkshire
HEMSWORTH George    ur 1  Son     Sheffield Yorkshire

JAMES and THIRZA are buried together in Sheffield's Abbey Lane Cemetery

WILLMORE, James Herbert (Retired, age 89).Died at 16 Norton Lees Lane; Buried on October 9, 1965 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 9640, Section O of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

WILLMORE, Thirza (Wife of James, age 52). Died at Royal Hospital; Buried on September 19, 1932 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 9640, Section O of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

After the death of THIRZA, JAMES remarried in 1935 a widow CONSTANCE DICKINSON nee HEMSLEY. She is also buried in Abbey Lane but in the grave of her first husband HERBERT DICKINSON

WILLMORE, Constance (Domestic duties, age 76).Died at Middlewood Hospital; Buried on June 12, 1969 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 3910, Section E of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

Their only son is buried in a nearby grave, together with his wife

WILLMORE, James Herbert (Retired, age 87). Died at Northern General Hospital; Buried on February 28, 1989 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 9647, Section O of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.
WILLMORE, Annie (Wife of James Herbert, age 46). Died at Claremont Place; Buried on March 19, 1949 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 9647, Section O of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield. (Annie' s maiden name was Stones)-

In Loving Memory of Alonza
The Beloved husband of Alice Hemsworth
Died 20th October 1954 aged 65 years
Also of the above named
Alice Hemsworth
Died 13th December 1965 aged 88

The grave also contains a memorial which contains the epitaph

In Loving Memory of a dear wife and mother June Wilson
Fell asleep 4th January 1993 aged 52 years

June (and Eddie) I believe are Alonzo's and Alice's grandchildren

After the 1891 census Alonzo and Mary had three more children OSCAR, CONSTANCE and SIDNEY

She is the longest living of all the family I have come across to date.

Connie spent most of her life in Sheffield but her last years were spent with her daughter MARY in Exeter, Devon where she died 

The above photograph shows my grandad's two elder sisters Connie (on the left) and Toll out shopping in the late 1940's

In April 2008, whilst researching a related topic I found purely by chance the following burial record

"Enseworth, (Stillborn Child, age ).  Died at 58 Sherrington Rd; Buried on June 18, 1895 in Consecrated ground;
     Grave Number 10636, Section W of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield. Parent or Next of Kin if Available: H Enseworth."

This is undoubtedly the child of ALONZO and POLLY which explains why they is a gap between the birth of Oscar and Constance


From the 1911 Census Alice Lawless
Relationship to Head of Household Wife
Condition / Years Married Married / 14 Years
Total Children Born Alive 8
Children Still Living 2 Children Who Have Died 6
Gender Female Age 33 Estimated Year of Birth 1878
Occupation Assisting In The Business
Employed Yes Working at Home No
Place of Birth Hilltop Staffordshire
Enumerator Information
Address Greasboro Road Rotherham Parish Rotherham Town Rotherham
Type of Building Public House Number of Rooms 8
Inhabited Yes
Reference RG14PN28075 RG78PN1604 RD511 SD3 ED2 SN175 Administrative County Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District Rotherham Registration Sub District North West Rotherham Enumeration District 2

The pub was called the Duke of Wellington and it looks as though ALICE was there for 10 years

1909-14 Walter Lawless
1915-16 Alice Lawless
1917-18 Alice Hemsworth 

From the 1891 Census

Name Alice Orgill
Age 13 Estimated Year of Birth 1878
Relationship to Head of Household Daughter
Occupation Juvenile
Address 48, Tusmore Street District Rotherham, Rotherham Parish Rotherham Administrative County Yorkshire (West Riding)
Birth Place West Bromwich 


Rotherham War Memorials

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