WILLIAM and EDWARD MYERS were the sons of FRANCIS and SARAH MYERS (nee EMERSON) my great great great great great grandparents (x5). This is the earliest that I have been able to trace on my maternal line to date. Francis was born in 1732 in Darfield which is situated five miles east of Barnsley in what is now South Yorkshire. SARAH was born circa 1736 in the same village. The marriage took place on 22nd February 1757 at Rotherham All Saints Church. As far as I can ascertain  FRANCIS and SARAH had four sons

  1. JOSEPH MYERS - christened 2nd January 1758 in Darfield and so he must have been born in late 1757. Sadly Joseph never reached adulthood. There is a record of his death 8th September 1762. He would have been four years old.

  2. EDWARD MYERS - christened exactly four years later on 2nd January 1762 again in Darfield. Edward married a MARTHA EATON (1763 - ). He died on 5th July 1826

  3. FRANCIS MYERS - christened 16th September 1764 in Darfield. He married a HANNAH WALKER (1767 - 1811) on 8th December 1788 in the same church

  4. WILLIAM MYERS - christened 21st September 1766

All were christened in the parish church at Darfield. 

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For anyone who is researching the Myers family name and/or has an interest in the history of South Yorkshire , I can thoroughly recommend "The Myers of Rotherham" website. Apart from being an excellent resource, it gives a far more detailed account of the wider Myers family

This information was partially supplied by Bruce Smith to whom my thanks are given. As with the rest of the site any mistakes are mine and mine alone  

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