The 1881 census that was taken on 3rd April shows that just after two years of marriage ALONZO and MARY were living at

Dwelling: 19 Marples Street,  Ecclesall Bierlow, York, England

Source: FHL Film 1342120 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4637 Folio 144 Page 27



Alonzo Married 24 M

Gainsborough, Lincoln, England


Coach Body Maker
Mary A. Married



(British Island), Alderney, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Thirza   1 F Sheffield, York, England Daughter  
George Myers


58 M Wath, York, England Father-in-Law    Tailor

The details that are on the Census form of 1881 match those given on the 1878 marriage certificate of Alonzo and Mary. Furthermore Marple Street was in close vicinity to the place where Alonzo worked in the Highfield area of Sheffield. The same certificate also mentions that Alonzo's father was a WILLIAM HEMSWORTH (my great great grandfather) who was a Currier by profession.

The same 1881 Census reveals that Alonzo's parents and my great great grandparents, WILLIAM and ANN HEMSWORTH were living at  40 Richards Rd, Heeley, York, England (Source: FHL Film 1342121 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4639 Folio 123 Page 45)

William Hemsworth Married 61 M

Derby, Derby, England


Ann Hemsworth Married



Hull, York, England

William Holding   13 M Gainsborough, Lincoln, England Grandson Scholar

Richards Road is just off Gleadless Road in the centre of Heeley, Sheffield.

Again the details match the certificate but in both entries the most interesting factor is the link with the Gainsborough area of Lincolnshire. There is a story that has been passed down the family that the HEMSWORTH'S were in some way related to a family called NUNNINGTON who owned a farm at one time in the Gainsborough area. My mother's Aunty Connie (my grandfathers youngest sister) remembers references to a "Grandmother Nunnington". In the Spring of 2005 I was able to confirm that Ann Hemsworth's maiden name was in fact NUNNINGTON - her maiden name appeared on Alonzo's birth certificate in 1857

However I believe that the grandson WILLIAM HOLDING is the son of Alonzo's sister ANNIE HEMSWORTH. She married a THOMAS HOLDING in Kingston upon Hull in the March 1867 quarter (GRO ref Vol 9d Page 270) and gave birth to WILLIAM a year later (1868). WILLIAM appears on the 1901 Census as a 33 year old Coach Builder living in the Norton Woodseats district of Sheffield. The address given is 143 Valley Road (PRO Ref RG13 Piece 4347 Folio 162 Page 19/121). The inference is that William is working with his uncle and cousins in the family business at Keeton's Hill, Sheffield.

 As far as I'm aware no photo's exist of Alonzo's business premises at Keeton's Hill. The nearest I can get is the above engraving which shows a typical Carriage Builder's workshop of the late Victorian period.

William Holding Married 33 M

Gainsborough, Lincoln, England


Coach Builder
Ada Holding Married




William Holding   3 M Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Son Scholar

There is a record in the September quarter of 1896 of a WILLIAM HOLDING marrying an ADA SWAIN (GRO Ecclesall Bierlow ref Vol 9c Page513). As the Census indicates, Ada was born in Birmingham but to date I have not been able to establish ant further details.

The 1901 Census shows Alonzo's and Mary's family living at 67 Sherrington Road, Sheffield. I can't state for certain how long the family lived there but there is a very interesting entry in the 1913 Kelly's Directory for Sheffield and Rotherham.  Alonzo's business premises are still listed as being on Keeton's Hill but his occupation is given as cycle-plater and enameller, not carriage builder. But his home address is given as 173 South View Road which is not that far from the earlier address on Sherrington Road.

The next information I have located is from the 1911 UK Census

Name Alonzo Hemsworth Relationship to Head of Household Head Condition / Years Married Married / 33 Years Gender M Age 54 Estimated Year of Birth 1857 Occupation Motor Body Builder Employed Y Working at Home N Place of Birth Gainsborough Lincoln Enumerator Information Address 67 Sherrington Road Sheffield Parish Ecclesall Town Sheffield Type of Building Private House Number of Rooms 10 Rooms Inhabited Y Reference RG14PN27826 RG78PN1592 RD509 SD6 ED15 SN142 Administrative County Yorkshire (West Riding) Registration District Ecclesall Bierlow Registration Sub District Sharrow Enumeration District 15

and so in 1911 Alonzo and Mary were still living at 67 Sherrington Road Sheffield. Their sons ALONZO (22 - motor engineer), George (20 - cycle enameller), Oscar (17 - motor body builder), Sydney (10 - school), and their daughter Constance (12 - school) were still at home with them.

Twelve years later, the 1923 Kelly's Directory for Sheffield and Rotherham shows the business still in Keeton's Hill although the proprietor is now Mary Ann Hemsworth, Alonzo having died three years earlier in 1920. 


My great grandparents ALONZO and MARY ANN and my grandparents SYDNEY and LILY are buried in the same grave in Sheffield's Abbey Lane Cemetery

HEMSWORTH, Alonzo (Cycle, Hammer maker, age 63).
Died at 173 South View Rd; Buried on September 3, 1920 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 4585, Section E of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

HEMSWORTH, Lily (Retired, age 83).
Died at 81 Greenhill Main Road; Buried on January 17, 1984 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 4585, Section E of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

HEMSWORTH, Mary Ann (Widow, age 83).
Died at 2 Southey Hall Drive; Buried on February 5, 1941 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 4585, Section E of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

HEMSWORTH, Sydney (Retired, age 72).
Died at 81 Greenhill Main Rd; Buried on July 12, 1973 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 4585, Section E of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.


This link with the Gainsborough, area of Lincolnshire is well established. Details of the Hemsworth Family prior to their arrival in Sheffield can be found by following the link The Hemsworth Family in Lincolnshire 

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